Drunk Blogging

I’m afraid I was that girl last night. You know the one. She gets loud and silly. And starts hugging everyone. And making new best friends. And forming plans for future good times that she won’t remember thinking up the next day. And at the end of the night her friends help her wobbling ass to the car and drive her home.

So that was me.

After my friends got me safely tucked in, the high of the night came crashing down. As I lay curled up in bed, my demons of years past came clawing to the surface. Old wounds I thought had healed began seeping.

And I must have written about it. Because I checked my phone this morning and, low and behold, I posted last night. I sort of remember reaching for my phone in the dark, the blue glow offering some semblance of connection. But I did not remember writing anything, much less posting it!

So the words that came forth last night can only be classified as drunk blogging. Reading in the bright light of day I see how many insecurities I mask daily… and I hide them so well I’m often able to fool myself.

Looks like the recipe for stripping all that away is a bottle and a half of wine on an empty stomach.

27 thoughts on “Drunk Blogging

  1. We all have to go there sometimes, it seems. You blog better drunk than most of us do sober.

    Hang in there, it gets better, I think (and hope)!

  2. Well then, I say this could have been so much worse than you might feel. You were mild in my opinion. I give a whole lot of leeway in this arena.

  3. So what you’re saying, Marian, is that you lived through a blogging version of “The Hangover”?
    Even that experience makes for great blog fodder.
    Well done, beautiful!

  4. I did that. I had this brilliant idea for a three part Halloween series where I was going to be a ghost writer, so I wrote an apologetic post to my readers that said I had died. It all seemed quite clever at the time but horribly cruel to anyone who cared about me, and of course the ideas were garbage when I read them the next morning.

  5. Being drunk is sometimes good. Showing your insecurities out in the bright light isn’t bad either. It actually shows that you know deserve better. Embrace it! I do it too :)

  6. My entire blog is one drunk blogging episode after another! What I say is what I would say even if I was sober…my drunken state just gives me a (sorry-ass) excuse for any spelling blunders. :)

    Hugs and water/aspirin/silence,

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