A Perfect Morning Quickie

“Darling,” I called into the kitchen as I perched on the antique stool at my vanity dabbing a dusty rose blush onto my cheeks, “Would you please get those boxes out of the trunk of my car?”

“But I’m making you coffee,” Nathan called back.

“Yes, I know… And thank you! But can you take care of those boxes too?”

I heard the rumblings of faux grumbling mixed with the clinking of coffee mugs and cabinet doors shutting.

“Can you believe that?” I heard Nathan say in the voice he only uses when addressing my cat, “She wants me to do both! That woman of yours… so demanding!”

The door to the garage opened and shut. And then it opened and shut a second time.

“Coffee is made and boxes are moved. What will she want next, Cat?”

He walked into the bedroom holding a steaming mug of morning’s elixir, still conversing with my large black cat that padded behind him, occasionally meowing responses to Nathan’s questions. I stood at my dresser, pretending to ignore him, and put on a necklace and gold earrings that coordinated with the simple pink lace summer dress I wore.

“Yes Cat, I do all this for her and I haven’t even had a decent blow job this visit.”

My eyes caught his in the mirror and I smiled before saying, “We’ll have to put that on the list for tonight then won’t we.”

I turned, accepting the hot cup from his hands and took my first sip of the day.

“Thank you,” I said as I set down the mug, “It’s delicious.”

I stepped closer to him and our lips met, tenderly, uncertainly and then our mouths opened and the tips of our tongues danced against each other. Nathan’s hand reached for the hem of my skirt and his hand ran up my inner thigh… higher and higher.

“You aren’t wearing panties,” he whispered against my lips.

“No, I’m not,” I said while grasping his hard cock through his silvery gray dress pants.

He brushed my hand aside and quickly unzipped his fly, pushed down his boxers, pulled out his throbbing member and pressed it against my smooth lower lips. They parted, slick and ready, giving him shallow access to my channel. But I wanted more.

“Come to the bed. My heels will make me the perfect height,” I said, taking the three steps to my whitewashed four-poster, pulling up my skirt and bending over the mattress.

Nathan was close behind, unbuttoning his pants and letting them drop to his ankles as he grasped my hips. I reached between my legs, guided his cock into place and released a contented moan as he thrust into me. I lifted one knee to the bed to give him better leverage and felt him sink in an inch deeper, filling me completely.

His balls slapped against me in a quick, steady rhythm, punctuating the feel of his hard head repeatedly banging against my g-spot. Over and over and over he thrust until, in less than two minutes I felt my orgasm bubbling up, ready to spill.

“Now darling,” I moaned, “Come now.”

I felt his shudder as he released into me and I then clenched around his throbbing erection. We remained joined for a few more seconds before separating and dashing to the bathroom to clean up.

“The blow job is still on the list for tonight,” I told Nathan as I gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

Instead of replying to me he once again spoke to the cat, which had quietly been observing our morning rutting, “Well Cat, looks like the day is going to end as good as it started.”

As I grabbed my keys Nathan patted my rear affectionately and then paused, “Marian, you still aren’t wearing panties!”

“Nope. I’m not. See you tonight!”

And with that I was out the door.

Oh… and for those of you wondering… Yes. This happened this morning. And yes, I’m still not wearing panties.

34 thoughts on “A Perfect Morning Quickie

  1. So very very nice. I love morning quickies once you’re already dressed for work. So why did you decide to go commando???

  2. Oooooh a doubly delectable morning for you, sexy noodle, I love a morning quickie & nothing quite like going commando & you’re the only one at work that knows! A bit chilly down under for commando at this time of year though ;)

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