Fortune Cookies Lie

At least how I interpreted this fortune cookie turned out to be a big let down. As I let you all know in this post, Ex Boss was coming to town. And as far as I know he did. But I didn’t see him.

We had everything set for Thursday night and then I had a conflict come up. A legitimate couldn’t-get-out-of-it conflict. I texted him to let him know and asked if we could aim for Friday instead. After all… he was supposed to be in town until Sunday.

He never texted back.

At all.

Yup… all I got was the mocking chirp of crickets.

I was tempted to text him and ask what the deal was, tempted to stew over it, to wonder what’s wrong with me that he wasn’t itching to see me even if was a day later. But I didn’t. I’ve been letting so much go lately… what’s one more thing.

So no blog fodder. No tales of hot, rough coupling. It’s just me folks. Just me.

39 thoughts on “Fortune Cookies Lie

  1. we have to let go of so much, it is hard to know when to hold on to. These fleeting encounters give us hope precious when they fall through. I’m sorry it did not work out. Not so much for the stories I would read it for what it did to you.

  2. If YOU were not here, neither would I be. I come here for your sexy brain. You don’t even need any pictures OR a sexy gravatar, woman!

  3. Just you is still just fine with me :-)

    And remember, sometimes text messages don’t go through. You may recall that happened yesterday afternoon with someone you know…

  4. You mentioned it was a power thing in a comment, but if he’s willing to skip out on some “hot, rough coupling,” that decision doesn’t sound all that powerful — or smart — to me.

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