How to Prepare for an Important Business Meeting

While there have been numerous columns and blogs written with advice for the best ways to plan and prepare for important business meetings, I’m positive this real-world, out-of-the-box example of how I helped one man get ready for the biggest meeting of his career (so far) is definitely the most enjoyable way to make sure one’s head is in the game.

Nathan had been at my house for several days and the night before his big meeting he sat at my kitchen table, notes spread about, legal pad in hand, in complete concentration. He would occasionally jot down a question he expected to be asked and then diligently research the answer. I kept his glass full of sweet iced tea and quietly cooked a simple dinner of seared sesame tuna on a bed of baby spinach and kale. Every now and then he’d ponder something out loud and I’d ask him to clarify, attempting to help him make certain he had thought through every angle.

He cleared a space on the table for us to eat while I dished up dinner and brought plates to the table. As I removed my flower-print apron Nathan looked up at me and smiled.

“This really helps, you know,” he said.

“Not having to figure out dinner?” I asked.

“Well, that too,” he chuckled, “But I really meant you bouncing ideas off of me and just being here and taking care of me.”

I preened. Nathan, for all the things I respect and admire about him, is often lacking when it comes to meeting my main love language need: words of affirmation. I don’t think I’m overly complicated. Just tell me you think I’m wonderful and I tend to be putty in your hands. Get even a little bit creative with how you tell me and… but enough about feeding my narcissism. We were talking about preparing for a meeting.

That night we went to my room, turned down the bed together, stripped of all our clothes and climbed in. The soft whir of the ceiling fan combined with the hum of air conditioner were the only sounds. Nathan’s hand rested quietly on my thigh and before long I heard his breathing even out and a soft snore escape.

Suddenly there was a freight train in the room. Or an 18-wheeler… I couldn’t be sure which. I just knew it was something loud with an incessant blaring that wouldn’t stop. I curled up on my side, pulled my pillow over my head and then felt Nathan stir and shut off the alarm. I came out from hiding under the pillow and blinked in the still darkness of the early morning. The bed shifted as he got up and walked around toward the bathroom but on the way he stopped to brush the hair from my face and bent over to kiss my forehead.

As I nuzzled against his lips, in my still-sleepy state, I realized he was still naked. And his morning salute was at full attention. I opened my mouth and, like a hungry fish going after an appealing lure, had his cock between my lips before he realized what was happening.

“Oh my gosh,” he moaned, arching his back in pleasure.

With him still in my mouth I rolled over so I was on my back, pushed the sheet off my body and began running my fingers around the edges of my nipples. My tongue circled the helmet of his cock slowly, savoring the feel, the taste of it. In no hurry I eased him down my throat, taking him that way over and over again.

“I need to be in you,” he whispered.

Pulling away, I looked up and smiled, “Darling, you were in me.”

“Yes, but I need to be here,” he said, gently touching my glisteningly wet labia.

No other words were spoken. Our bodies joined and it wasn’t long before I felt him pulsing inside me, on the verge of coming. Wrapping my legs tightly around his hips I pulled him in even deeper and reveled in the sensation of his seed pumping into me.

“You ready for that meeting?” I murmured.

“I am now,” he said.



33 thoughts on “How to Prepare for an Important Business Meeting

    • /blush. Thanks Mark. That is very sweet of you. Just don’t forget that I get to paint a flattering picture of myself on this blog when I choose. It’s not always flowered aprons and morning head.

      • Oh, I know that dear. But if I wanted realism, I’d be reading newspapers and not blogs. I enjoy the visions you deliver, no matter how embellished. After all, we do not gaze upon the paintings of Picasso and say “Eh, people aren’t shaped like that.” We say, “how masterful the stroke, bold, the choice of color, brilliant, the emotions this stirred.”

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