I Met Another Blogger

Sometimes one doesn’t see always see a person clearly until they are contrasted with another. And that is what happened during my weekend visit with Ann St. Vincent. The first night I had my first impressions… physically she’s beautiful. Tall, with ungodly naturally blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, a high forehead and a nose that quirks in the cutest of ways when she smiles. Her personality is one of quick wit, extreme confidence, and an inner calm that I believe comes from her admirable self awareness. When there’s disagreement Ann tends to push her side of the argument in the attempt to convince others of her rightness and this sometimes results in extended conflict. Comparatively, I avoid conflict like the plague and will put my highly developed diplomatic skills to work to keep the peace while also (hopefully) getting my way. If nothing much is at stake I meander down the path of least resistance. I’m not sure Ann even knows where that path is. And I admire this in her.

However, we had enough similarities that it wasn’t until I met her friend Katherine on Saturday night that I truly saw Ann. Katherine, a tall leggy brunette, is in a place in her life where she is angry at men and at the exact same time desperately wants their attention. This dichotomy of emotions resulted in multiple trips to the bathroom to scope out the males as she went to and fro, long stares across bars in the attempt to lure a hapless victim her way and frustration when neither was successful.

In contrast, Ann, who wasn’t on the prowl, got plenty of appreciative looks that I’m certain could have led to more had she been receptive. I felt for Katherine. Her emotions sit barely below the surface and she envies Ann’s contentment. She doesn’t understand it. She questions it. Katherine didn’t know me well enough to compare us. I downplayed my career and life so that in no way was I her competition. She had me pegged as Ann’s quirky Southern friend and that was just fine with me. Path of least resistance, remember?

But it bothers me to see someone not having a good time. Especially when by all accounts, one should be having fun. So when the men at the über chic club were paying the cool Katherine no mind, I suggested to Ann that we find a dive bar. Dive bar men are the best for doling out lavish attention. And I adore them for it.

“Doesn’t this town have one?” I pleaded.

“Sure,” she said, “It’s got lots! But I don’t know if Katherine will want to go…” Ann had been easy going and following Katherine’s lead all night… the perfect friend.

I decided I’d put my diplomatic skills to use on Katherine. As she was finishing her drink I slipped an arm around her small waist and said, “I’m dying to go to a dive bar! Do you know of any good ones? Would you be willing to step it down a couple of notches?”

“Yes!” she cried, giving me a tight hug, “I know just the place.”

So Ann, Katherine and I departed chic-ville and headed to parts a little dirtier, a little darker and a lot more fun. As we approached the unmarked door Katherine turned to us, “Neither of you can ever tell anyone I love this place.”

With that we crossed the threshold into another world.

Music I knew blared through the dark room with a strong base beat. Lights flashed overhead giving the space the atmosphere of a 1980s skating rink with a BDSM complex. It was perfect. I bought my first and last drink of the night… vodka soda if you’re wondering, and set in to dance the night way.

There was attention a’plenty for Katherine and, once getting her fill, she caught a cab home. That left Ann and me free to completely let loose to whatever 80s rock song or 90s grunge hit played next. And let loose we did. Ann dances like she knows what she’s doing. Her legs move gracefully, right in rhythm with the beat; her arms sway and bend with elegance. Me… I just let the music move me. Watching me completely let go and dance without a care in the world can’t be too far from watching me have sex. It’s a visceral experience. One that leaves me a hot and sweaty mess.

I think it was during our time as dancing queens, one of us tall and graceful, the other shorter and gyrating, that I saw Ann in bloom. Cheeks flushed, a smile on her face, just soaking up the moment. The night wasn’t about the appreciative looks being shot her way, or how many free drinks one could score. It was about the pure joy of moving to a good song under flashing lights in the wee hours of the morning without a care in the world, knowing that some how, some way everything will work itself out. Even how to get back to the hotel at 3:30 in the morning with two useless phones and not a cab in sight.

33 thoughts on “I Met Another Blogger

  1. I feel for Katherine. I have a dear friend who has been in that place for a long time, and I hate it for her. I love that you and Ann got to hang out in person though – two of my favorite bloggers in one spot? Ah, how I envy those who got to witness this! :)

  2. Marian this was so nice to read…thank you :)

    I particularly like the different ways we wrote about our Saturday night. It was an amazing time and I look forward to many more. BTW, Hy said she’s in for the next time…but we might need a bigger city ;)

  3. Glad to see your post my dear, I can almost see the smiles. That makes me happy, for I have felt your tears… Glad the weekend went well and that you met Ann, who I am not as well read yet… ;) I can imagine the yellow tape being rolled out, possible chalk outllines on the sidewalks, if you two and Hy hit the town together…

  4. I landed on this post and I’m so glad I did. Regardless of the sex, the chance of some interest from the opposite one, together with music you can lose yourself in played at suitable volume in a setting which encourages you to lose yourself is at the heart of most of the great nights out I’ve enjoyed. You captured it all really well. Needless to say, I know nothing of yourself or the other Blogger, but that now seems a shame. By coincidence, A ‘Blogging chum’ Skyped me out of the blue yesterday, and I got the chance to talk with them face to face. Even that was amazing so I can imagine what your experience must have been like

    • I have meet several folks off blog now and each one has been very special. If you ever have the opportunity to do so, I recommend it. It’s surreal in some ways. But fun. And as you can tell just from this one post… Fun is very important to me. :)

  5. I was hoping to hear Marian’s side of the story! I’m happy to hear that you both had a lovely time and of the approaches you both took for Katherine. I look forward to reading the next adventure!

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  7. Above all, is the talent you hold in bringing us the magic potions. Direct or Indirect, you play the strings which strike deeper if not for all but for some you know how to play this game :)

    Goooooooo…ooood to be back in the world of the Noodler. It’s a small world indeed – we meet, we greet and we learn the unknown :)

    Cheerios from far away :)

      • Times and times again, I will always be coming back – the magnetic charm is something not that all have and the ones which are here are nowhere else to be found.
        Here to stay before I fly again on my little wild wanderings.

        Play the strings again, please – the drinks are on me tonight :)

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