My Massage Therapist Got an Intimate View

I knew, without a doubt, that not only was my most private of areas exposed, but also that because of the position I was in, nothing would be left to the imagination.


This guy was new to the practice and surprisingly attractive. Of average height, he had a muscular build, capable looking hands and a winning smile. When questioned about what areas I needed him to focus on I explained that I had recently taken up running and was feeling some soreness in my lower back and legs, especially my shins and calves.

“Are there any areas I should avoid?” the massage therapist asked as his hands, warm and covered in lavender scented massage lotion, slowly loosened my back muscles.

“No,” I said into the horseshoe-shaped headrest, settling in to enjoy an hour of relaxation.

His touch was slow and firm, drawing from me the occasional contented sigh or moan. Under the sheet and blanket I was completely naked, skin smooth and golden except for the white bits that my two piece had shielded from the sun. The tightness in my lower back eased as he pressed ever harder, releasing the tension.

Half way into the massage, as expected, he said, “Marian, it’s time to turn over.” And he held the sheet aloft, screening me, as I repositioned.

Immediately he went to work on my legs, first sliding half the sheet between my legs, then lifting the first leg to be massaged and slipping the sheet under my thigh, a draping method which allows the leg to be exposed while one’s sex is kept covered. With dexterous fingers he began loosening the tired muscle groups while we occasionally chatted about my workout regimen and its results.

“I’m going to do some stretches on your leg,” he said, “On each one I want you take a deep breath, let it out and tell me when you feel the stretch pull the muscle.”

He lifted my left leg into the air, keeping it straight and pushing toward my chest. When it was just past 90 degrees to my body, I felt the stretch and said so. I could feel the cool air on the lower part of my ass. After about 30 seconds he released that stretch, bent my knee and pushed the leg toward my chest again. My knee was almost brushing my breast when I told him, “That’s good.”

While holding my leg, he massaged the back of my thigh, his hand going all the way to the line where thigh meets ass. And it felt good. Very good. Next he pulled my bent knee outward, twisting my leg so my left ankle crossed over my right thigh. The sheet felt loose, but seemed to still be covering me. As he held my leg and I exhaled and the muscle relaxed… heaven. He then lowered my leg, straightening it as he did so, and began stretching it to the side, stepping so his body was against my inner calf. I didn’t feel the stretch until my leg was perpendicular to my body, but still, the sheet felt in place.

Once tucked back in, the same massaging and stretching was in order for my right leg. But this time he massaged the back of my thigh while my leg was straight in the air, and didn’t stop at my ass, but instead worked up and around my hip. As he bent my knee I felt the sheet shift and when my knee was turned, the cool air of the room flitted across my clean-shaven pussy. I thought he would pull the sheet back into place before he extended my leg and stretched it to the side. He didn’t. As he leaned against my inner calf with his body, he began massaging my inner thigh. I knew without a doubt that not only was my most private of areas exposed, but that because of the position I was in, nothing would be left to the imagination. However, instead of being disturbed, I found the exposure arousing.

“This is very tight,” he said, working closer and closer to my bikini line.

“It should be,” I responded, eyes closed and a slight smile on my lips, “I’ve been working very hard.”

His touch became firmer, more intimate and more intense, until his hand was right against my open pussy, working the tendon that connects thigh to body. I heard him exhale as he stopped and slowly returned my leg to the massage table.

“I’m afraid that’s all the time we have today,” he said.

After he stepped out and I was dressing I considered what had just happened… and how much I had enjoyed it. Did he cross a professional line allowing my vagina to be completely exposed? Absolutely. Am I going to complain? Absolutely not.


73 thoughts on “My Massage Therapist Got an Intimate View

  1. Holy Jeebus, I could use a massage like that. My first full-body was massage was sensuous – for me. I don’t think the therapist got the same vibe I did, but maybe it’s because he didn’t get the view yours got. ;)

  2. I once had a really awesome massage by a cute guy that got very close to the bikini line. I was so turned on by the end of it that I just wanted to jump him.

  3. Marian- I recently started following your blog and have just been so impressed of sensuously honest undertone of your writing . You revel in simplicity which I love . There is an element of melancholy coupled with self flagellation but healthily peppered with romantic optimism that makes all of your writing very readable .


  4. The last post. And now this one. All pussy de Marian. All the time. I’m starting to fear I will become a marianpussyholic. Oh dear. Sigh. Can there be a better fate?

    • Hahaha!!! I practically guffawed reading this. That actually sounds like a fantastic idea. It hasn’t seen quite as much attention as it likes of late due to my no-casual-sex attitude of late…

  5. I love illicit little moments with strangers. Moments that cross the line but are (known without speaking) mutually pleasing and go overlooked because of this. Unf. This is sensual and oh, so dirty. Thaaaaaank you, Marian. ;)


  6. There was a call to the Dan Savage Lovecast that dealt with a similar topic but in this case, the lady on the massage table ended up having an orgasm. She was fine with it but was asking about the ethics and does each visit now become a sex session versus a massage. Lots of disgruntled professionals called in stating that this was an unacceptable thing for the massage guy to engage in and he risked being fired, loss of license etc etc.

    I don’t care what anyone says – as long as you were okay with it and are willing to return, the guy did a great job.

    • I know there are rule they are supposed to follow… but I don’t mind at all that this particular massage guy didn’t follow them. However, had it been someone I wasn’t as comfortable with, I wouldn’t have been good with it at all.

      And yes. I’m more than willing to return. :)

  7. There are times when I’ve been working with a client and I didn’t quite realize the exposure. Or the awkward moment when my breasts stroke someone’s forehead. Even more surprising still when a client is very well endowed and im not expecting to feel it half way down the thigh.

    Regardless, exposure will happen occasionally. People who have high level workout regimens so often need work in that area. I’m glad he got in there for you.

  8. Three cheers for exposed vag on the massage therapist’s table! Jesus! Now I’m all riled up. That is one of my favorite fantasies. Thanks Noodle! (my back is hurting all of the sudden…)


  9. Allowing your body to be uncovered isn’t crossing a professional line. Massaging the tendons that connect to your hips, even if they are close to your needy vagina, isn’t crossing a professional line. Sports massage therapists are VERY used to athletic types that don’t want to use any draping at all, and we see LOTS of bodies. I’m a male sports massage therapist, and I can say that even when I’m massaging the most beautiful of bodies, my mind stays focused on the highly specialized work I’m doing on their incredibly vulnerable muscles. And your tendons don’t have shame, they stretch where they stretch; not where is convenient for societal convention about covering your body. I’ve began many massages with full draping, and ended them with none at all because it’s becomes obvious that the client is comfortable or will mention that the drape is “just in the way” or something. This doesn’t mean they want me, it means that they want the last 1.5″ of their hamstring connection worked.

  10. Hello Marian!!! I just read your article regarding the massage therapist. I had the same experience with my therapist as well, and, coincidentally, he is also very young, I think, in his late teens or maybe early 20s like between 20-22 and I had gone for my foot massage, to be honest. But, he kind of did a full body massage on my front, including my chest and private parts. For a moment, I was scared a bit and my heart was beating too fast. Then, I thought, maybe its the way he does… To be honest, I had got foot massage done earlier but, from a different therapist and he only massaged my feet all the way to my knees… This one went full ahead… And, he has been made my personal therapist at the spa now for my foot massage along with hair spa, manicure-pedicure and so on… I had again gone for my foot massage and he was given my case, but, I didn’t let him go near my crotch area and he politely agreed. but, he did back massage on me and even worked on my buttocks, though, I had my pants on… After this massage, I uhh decided to give him something which will be useful for him and even wrote a letter for him… Then, later, I even uh requested the spa manager to get his number for me, which she did… So, we even started texting each other later on… And, he wrote few times in his messages that he misses me and once he even called me darling… This time, I got another foot massage done, again with my trousers on… and, he worked all the way till my thighs… this time, I didn’t feel scared or anything, though.. he told me to take my top off and, I agreed to do it… and, he went to massaging my chest hard, though, I softly told him its paining after which he started using less pressure.. but, something weird happened after the massage this time… He uhh asked me if I have a bf and I told him no… and, then he said, he can do full body massage now if i want… So, I politely told him next time as I am having some problem… and, uhh he kind of pressed my bosom and hugged me… I even uhh kind of started liking him as well… But, I even wanna help him in pursuing his dream… And, he has never been much open with anyone else, except me… I really don’t know what to think of it… or how to go about it… I hope you could help me with this, please…

  11. A wonderful personal story.
    I love his openness, without going even further.
    And I loved your cooperation.
    I’m sure he felt relief soon after you left.
    Can’t wait to read more….

  12. I spent about 30 years as a part time masseur. I bet I have seen literally thousands of vaginas, some clients had no idea, some I am sure knew, and quite a few did things to make sure I could see. Breasts? NBD, oddly some female therapists claim women are bashful with them, I never found that to be true. The common phrase of “they hurt” or, “I hope you don’t mind” are things I have heard hundreds of times.
    One older lady, at least 70, bluntly asked me to “rub me here.” as she tugged the drape aside.
    Women are naughty creatures, and it’s housewives that are the most naughty. The housewives in their 30’s that are mildly chubby and very ordinary looking are by far the most interested in a bit of showing off and touch.
    Women are beautifully sexual creatures.

  13. Thank you for this story. As a male LMT, I can tell you that you are a very special lady. For every one of you, there are a thousand females that would scream rape and head straight to the management if this happened to them…that’s why it’s so rare that you receive this very special treatment. I personally highly prefer oriental massage to the vanilla massages performed by Americans because the only draping in an oriental massage is on the genitals while the client is lying on their back. When on their stomach, a client is fully exposed so the full body is massaged. Americans have no true concept of a “full body massage”. Receiving massage on your fully exposed, nude, back- of- your- body is the height of relaxation and sensuality. As well, having your chest muscles and abdomen massaged feels so good, which are rarely if ever touched in American massage. That’s why their “full-body massages” are such a joke.
    If your therapist knows that there is a mutual trust between the two of you, your massages can get even more fulfilling for you. Thanks so much for sharing.

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