He Has Been With So Many

He tells me I am his One. And this fills me with joy. But he has a past littered with women. Beautiful women. Adventurous women. Athletic women. Foreign women. Local women. These things I’ve gathered in our conversations. He doesn’t regale me with the details of his past loves as some men have done. I appreciate this. (Jack would expound on his sexual prowess and glory days as I lay naked in his arms. That’ll make a girl feel special, let me tell ya.)

I believe him when he tells me the others pale in comparison, that our connection is beyond what even he has experienced. I do. But I also wonder how that is possible. I’m just… me. I’m accustomed to me. I’ve lived with me all my life. So while I like me, I don’t see all the nuances he does.

But the adoration feels so good. It’s a healing balm to my oft self-inflicted wounds. And he’s been with so many… he’s seen so much… done so much… somehow I twist this into: the fact that he feels this way with so many to compare me to must mean something. Like a wine expert marking a new vintage 98 on a scale of 100. He’s had to sip a lot of wine to know the one he just tasted was special.

So I don’t lament the bountiful number of beauties he has sampled. Those experiences made him the connoisseur he is today. And the connoisseur wants me. Prefers me. Treasures me. Lavishes his attention on me. Now to keep it from going to my head…

16 thoughts on “He Has Been With So Many

  1. I admire your ability to believe him and believe in him. That to me takes great courage and strength. Thank you for sharing this post!!

  2. I like the comparison to an oenologist. “He’s had to sip a lot of wine to know the one he just tasted was special..” I have no doubt the Noodle is very special. Heck, that’s what this blog is all about. And why it’s so popular. Lucky guy.


  3. If you think of life as a journey then it is only natural one would pass through many places of all types some beautiful, some exciting, a few we will always remember but ultimately they all lack something which is why we keep going until we find that special place we call ‘home’.

  4. I’m positive that my “experience” and subsequent preference for TN 100% made him feel special. And it TOTALLY went to his head. It’s ok, let your head swell, honey! ;)

  5. Too many times have I said “I’m just… me.” and robbed the ones who found me special of their adoration, their love, their moment of happiness. A hard lesson to learn… and I hope you never really get that opportunity. Instead, I hope you simply enjoy it without question. Trust me. xo

  6. finally catching up on my must read blogs….I love this post for many reasons, though the one that resonates the most is the view he has of “just you”. My own cacophony of self-doubt and insecurities often tries to drown out what he tells me, and more importantly what he demonstrates. I need to be better about listening to him and not the voice of my past experiences with others. Thank you for posting.

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