Sexual Premonition

I just had a vision of us. Only a glimpse… But a powerful one.

I was laying face up completely naked on a large bed. And I was blind folded with a length of Champagne colored silk. My arms were spread as if tied, but instead were pinned in place by your hands… One on each wrist.

You, just as naked as me, straddled my hips while my spine arched up and my head was tilted back, as if I was presenting my throat to you.

And that’s where your lips were. Gently kissing the hollow at the base of my throat, as I orgasmed at your request.

28 thoughts on “Sexual Premonition

  1. When poetry meets story telling , gently marinated by a dash of sexuality . Not profane but passionate nevertheless . Marian , you are conquering new frontiers everyday . Best Gotham

  2. Delightful! You are always so good at creating an image… one I can see clearly, from the color of the material that give you a place to the soft curves of your body and the heat of your skin.

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