A $50 Bra for a $15 Dress

Going strapless when you’re built like I am is a challenge. Not wearing a bra simply isn’t an option. And finding a strapless one that supports and lifts rather than squashing is more difficult than one might think.

But I recently purchased a strapless summer dress, my first one in ages. It was one of those times when I tried it on just for kicks, not expecting to like it. But I did. It hugs in all the right places, making me feel feminine and sexy. And it was on sale! For only $15!!! So a quick swipe of the plastic and the confidence-boosting little number was mine.

But when I got home and dug out my old strapless bra, the one that never really fit, I realized that it was much worse than I remembered. Talk about a cups runneth over situation! And not in a good way. When your breasts are spilling to the point of falling out, it’s not sexy. Gross is a much better descriptor.

So I began the hunt for a new strapless bra. As any woman with a size DD or larger cup size will attest, you can’t just waltz into Target and grab the first cute bra off the rack you see and expect it to fit. In fact, if you’re in the larger category like me, you know better than to even look. Big box stores don’t even carry my size. It requires a trip to a specialty shop.

And that’s how I happen to be the proud new owner of a strapless bra that actually fits. Now, the irony is that it cost $50 compared to the $15 I spent on the dress. But that’s okay. Because when I wear it and the dress out dancing tomorrow night I’ll feel beautiful. And if the dress slips down later in the night… well… I think the bra looks pretty good on its own. But I’ll let you decide.

strapless bra

51 thoughts on “A $50 Bra for a $15 Dress

  1. Women’s clothing is so much more complicated then a man’s. My ex could pack for a business trip in 5 minutes. Shirts, suit, underwear, ties, socks.

    That bra looks great (and agree, the tan lines do as well). Well done! There is nothing better than a confident woman…it’s one of the sexiest things there is.

    • I agree except in the case of dresses. One article of clothing and shazamm. Done! Perhaps that’s why I wear so many of them. I’m feeling more confident than ever most days… World watch out, huh? ;-)

      • Yesssss….but we have to think about bras and what panties to wear to avoid visible panty line and don’t forget the thousands of shoe options :)

        But yes, when I travel I wear dresses, forgo bras and panties, and just pack black and nude (see!?) pumps ;)

  2. Marian – That white piece of fabric must feel like it won the lotto. Like it’s destiny is finally fulfilled; for it now clings to curvaceous contours of perfection . Cupping them with a protective firm grip but with nonchalant air knowing that when it is peeled of it has served it’s gallant purpose like your knight in shining armor .

  3. Phew, nice to know I’m not the only gal with sisters that are bigger than average! Unlike Ann, going braless is not an option. I swear when I travel for business, my bra’s take up more room in my carryon than anything else. *sigh*

    I don’t do strapless for the very reasons you mentioned, well that and a horrible incident when I was a young adult that still gives me shivers, but I do like to do halter style dresses. Finding the right bra for that has been challenging and expensive-yet so worth the confidence it gives me when wearing a halter dress ;)

    lovely bra, lovely tan lines too.

    • Halter dresses are great! They make strong shoulders look really good too. A horrible incident… oh no. Let’s not relive that, ok? :)

      And thanks for the sweet words. Hugs!

  4. I’m hearing you sister, not an easy feat to find a decent strapless for a DD set. & the bra you’ve selected is just lovely, the tan lines the perfect accessory ;)

  5. I’m in the opposite predicament: 38A …wide across the back from years of swimming, but flat as a pancake up front. After years of trying to find a padded, strapless bra that wouldn’t end up at my knees at the evening (or day) wore on, I came across a little tip (no pun intended). If the bra comes with straps you hook one strap on to the top left hook, pull it all the way around your back (open the strap to its longest length first) then hook it to the inside hook/tab on the opposite side from where you started. Voila! A strapless that actually stays up….even on flat cakes like mine! ;-) There’s a how-to jpg of this somewhere on the Internet that I saved but cant access right now. I suppose interested parties could Google it.

  6. A good bra is worth every penny. And a dress that makes you feel good AND on sale is sometimes better than sex…sometimes. ;)

    I’m an awkward size. I’m an in between size so some C cups are too small and some D cups are too big. Working from home these days, I eliminated the problem and just rarely wear a bra at all. ;)

  7. Seems to me things are all wrong here. You bought the bra to make your tits look better? Actually, it would appear your tits are making the bra look very good. But what do I know?

  8. You look fantastic. :) I’m a Full D and know that struggle. But I’ve got a few places I love to go that can facilitate the ladies. :P


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