Massage Highlights

I, of course, stripped completely. I’m not the most modest girl in the world.


In the last eight days I have ridden over 50 miles on my road bike and have run around 30 miles at the track. I’m pushing my body harder than I can ever remember. And as a result, my muscles and tendons are very, very tight. So when I walked into the room with Nick, my new favorite massage therapist, I explained my recent activities.

“I feel good, but my legs and shoulders could use some loosening up,” I said.

“Alright,” Nick said, “We’ll start out with you face down. I’ll step out while you disrobe to your comfort level.

I, of course, stripped completely. I’m not the most modest girl in the world.

He returned to the room when I called out, “All good.”

“Is the temperature okay for you?” Nick asked after he had begun on my back.

“I’m actually a bit clammy. Could you turn on the fan?”

“Sure. I thought you felt warm. Do you want me to remove the blanket and just use the sheet?”

“Yes, please,” I said.

Nick has a sensual touch. But not in a creepy way. It’s hard, deep and relaxing. My shoulders sank into the table, the knots untangling. Over the course of the next 90 minutes he worked me up and down. But I’m not going to give you a blow by blow of the entire session. I have a comfortable bed and an out of town friend (Nathan) waiting for me in it, so you’re just going to get the highlights.

Highlight One
He noticed my tan lines and said so. “Are you tender here? You’re shoulders look a little pink from the sun, especially compared to the untanned part.”

Highlight Two
He brushed his cock against my hand. I was laying face down, hands palm up when I felt the distinct shape of the head of a penis graze my pinky finger. I didn’t react. I was curious to see if it would happen again. It did. Five times his cock rubbed my tiniest finger.

Highlight Three
We talked about how close his fingers were to my pussy. More on that in another post. I promise.

Highlight Four
My right boob accidentally came completely undraped. As Nick bent my right knee and crossed it over my body and pushed it to get the most out the stretch, his other hand deeply working the muscles in my ass, I felt the sheet slip. As it slid off my body, my back relaxed and the stretch did was it was supposed to do. The tension left. The stiffness eased. And I forgot about the sheet. Until he was releasing the stretch, and I opened one eye just a tad. In the dim light I saw that my right breast had escaped. Without a word, I eased the sheet back into place.

Highlight Five
We talked about nudity and prudishness. Which let to this:

“I think that Ron White has it about right,” Nick said.

“And what is it that he says?” I asked.

Nick chuckled, “He says, ‘When you’ve seen one naked woman, you pretty want to see all women naked.’”

18 thoughts on “Massage Highlights

  1. I had one massage like you describe and the dude later had his license revoked for inappropriate behaviour. I never thought it was a problem but only because he was hot. Which of course is totally not the right thing at all :)

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