I Just Want to Lay Here and Touch Myself

I don’t want to get off the bed. I don’t want to keep a schedule. I don’t want to be responsible. I don’t want to do what I should.

I just want to lay right here and let my fingers gently caress my smooth mound. I want to delve between the slick cleft and find the waiting pearl that is the most alert part of me at the moment. I want to be languid, and stay blissfully naked, doing nothing more than admiring the contours of my body.

But I don’t always get what I want. So up I go, into leggings, a t-shirt and Nikes, before heading to the track to push my languid ass around a small town football field in lane two until my lungs feel like they’re going to explode.

32 thoughts on “I Just Want to Lay Here and Touch Myself

  1. i know the feeling,,,you have my admiration for your dedication to actually get out of bed and not lie around playing with yourself,, i know i don’t get that far x-D

  2. That make the cleft all the more endearing my dear Marian …for the running firms up those round buns that serve as a gateway to heaven.

      • Marian….I am absolutely smitten by your humility . How could it not have occurred to you that your tantalizing curves are the preamble to the most divine smouldering experience known to man. Mostly your words are enough ; but the vision and the distant fragrance of your confident cleft serves as a perfect reminder of how lucky I
        am to be born a hot blooded man.

        • I’m not always sweet and humble. I know I can fell a man with my eyes if I choose. I know my hourglass figure, though not fashionably waif-like, is sexy and leaves men wanting. But heaven… Well… I’ll just try to not let your words go to my head.

          • Your confident arrogant air makes you all the more alluring …and you know that;) being the lady yet being incharge. Every inch of your sinous form begging to be caressed yet torturing the very finger tips that want to first trace gently and then almost animalistically take over what is rightfully theirs . Passport to heaven.

  3. Work first, then play. It is a good and common trait of the productive. Good choice. Like others have said you can always use the self exploration as a reward for doing your work.

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