You Pick My Next Post


Marian here.

I miss you. And I’m stuck. My motivation seems to have gone on walkabout and if it’s not too much trouble, I would so love to have your assistance. I have several topics jostling for position in my head to write about and I’m not writing anything because I can’t pick which one to do first. That and the lack of motivation thing. So will you help me? If you wonderful people will just tell me what you want I’ll get all fired up and post away.

Here’s what I have noodling around, but haven’t put a word to paper yet.

1. The Time I Borrowed My Grandmother’s Vibrator

2. Do I Swallow After a Blow-job? And Why or Why Not

3. Is Cheating Genetic?

4. Why People Cry at Weddings

Do any of those sound remotely interesting? If so which do you want to read first? And if you have other ideas… Please, for the love of cool autumn night and floppy puppy ears, let me know.

Hy and I were talking today and we agree with LSAM… We miss the sense of community we had at one time around here. The path to that isn’t super clear to me, but I know that if I don’t write, I am losing an important part of me.

I’m excited to see what direction I get pointed.

Love and hugs!

74 thoughts on “You Pick My Next Post

  1. I vote for #1 as well, however if or when you write about #3 I’d be curious to know whether you think there is any gender influence in addition to the thoughts on if it’s hereditary or not. By that I mean if Mum cheated is daughter more likely to then son and vise verse for Pops and son then daughter?

  2. All of these topics interest me for sure but as you know I am a bit of a soppy romantic so I have to say that 4 would grab me the most.
    I await your decision.
    Take care!

  3. The first two items are more interesting to me than the last two. #1 just screams (a fitting word?) for a funny, sexy story behind it. And I’m hoping the vibrator wasn’t a crank handle one. Or maybe that would make the story funnier. As for #2, well, I’m a sucker for blowjob stories. As I bet all men are.

  4. #1 sound interesting. Maybe you could do another pictures /words post? And you havent written some fiction in a while… (Whatever happened to Jenna?) :)

  5. Seems #1 is gaining in the ratings, sounds like a plan. My vote is just write, your words are missed. You led me to several of your friends that I now also enjoy reading. Just follow your heart, seems to be one worth listening to.

  6. 1,2 &3, 3 will be the most thought proving I’m thinking, but 1&2 will show me more insight into you, which I find very interesting

  7. You know I always love to learn more about you and vastly enjoy your way with words. That being said I challenge you to put them in one large post and/or at the very least In this whimsical order. Something old (#3), something new (#2), something borrowed (#1), something blue (#4). Love and hugs.

  8. I wonder what your thoughts are on why people cry at weddings. Grandma and vibrator in the same sentence…??creeps me out a tiny bit but I know it would still be a great story. Really, any of the 4 would be good. As for community, I think it was partially created by posts that brought about conversation like Gillian did and her games. xo, Jayne

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  10. I can’t wait to hear the story behind 1, it sounds as though it might be hilarous but with an eww factor too. Intriguing :) And I’m curious to hear what you have to say on the others aswell. Do we have to choose? Cant we have all of them :):)

  11. Hmmmmm I’d ultimately like to read about all four, though numbers 1 & 2 are in the forefront of preferences. The first sounds as though we’d be getting to have a good giggle with you & as for the second, I’d like some insight as to why another woman perhaps does with some or doesn’t with others. (as I sometimes do or don’t) ;)
    What ever the votes, happy to read that you’re getting going again noodle.

  12. Okay, I will prove once again that the y chromosome is composed almost entirely of dog dna, and the rest is probably pig. I want to know about the swallowing, and please support your thesis with vivid detail. I have long been emphatuated with the lips on your Marian Green avatar icon, and I want to see pictures in my head.

  13. I doubt I would feel good giving you direction. I do, though, regret your lack of motivation. Whatever you do eventually write chere Noodle will be breathtaking I am sure. Your way with words and turning thoughts into vibrant images in my mind always enthralls.

    Just tell us what you are thinking.


  14. Number two, but only because you do “dirty” better than anyone. Don’t get me wrong, Hy, Ann St. Vincent and many others are cool in their own way, but you have that special something, Marian.

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