I Didn’t Want to Wake Up

I was standing at the edge of a decorated high school gym. The lights were somewhat dim. But not too much so. I was new. The new girl. So often I was the new kid. This feeling was not unfamiliar.

The silky teal frock I wore could have been from a 1960s film, sleeveless with a full skirt. Pockets even. I love pockets.

Couples filled the dance floor, natural pairings happening. Why was I at a 1960s high school prom? Some questions you don’t ask when you’re dreaming.

I walked around the perimeter to the wooden bleachers and stood on the bottom row watching the crowd. They were so innocent. So happy. And I was so lonely.

I wasn’t alone as I had believed myself to be. A striking couple stood closely, talking. He brushed a strand of hair away from her face gently. Tenderly. I looked away.

Then he appeared. On my left. He wore a white sport coat and a peach tie. His auburn hair was brush back, attempting to hide the natural wave.

“You’re new,” he said. No question in his voice.

“Yes,” I agreed.

“Do you have a date?” He inquired.

“No,” I said. “I don’t know anybody.”

“Well then,” he said grinning and offering his elbow, “will you be my date to prom?”

I took his elbow and nodded, feeling instantly comfortable. The touch brought us close and then he was facing me, my back against the bleacher railing. He leaned towards me, an intensity in his eyes. I nodded ever so slightly as my lips parted, giving him permission.

Our lips met and time stopped. My arms reached around him and under his jacket, pulling him close while his mouth played a sweet symphony on mine. Tongues merged. The kiss deepened. I lost all sense of space and time. It couldn’t stop. The kiss was all there was. It was everything.

And then we parted. I looked around and every student in the room was staring at us. He just pulled me close so I could bury my face in his chest. I felt him whisper in my hair, “Don’t worry about what they think. They just don’t understand.”

“Kiss me again,” I pleaded.

And as his head bent to mine for the second time, I woke up. Try as I might I could not return to my dream. It was lost. And who ever he was… lost into the ether as well.

21 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want to Wake Up

  1. It’s sad that some people don’t remember their dreams while others, like yourself, can have such vivid encounters. I have loved dreaming since I was a child and still do. Are you aware they are dreams while you are in them and can you control them?

  2. That kind of dream can be so frustrating. I wonder if he is someone you actually know, and yet don’t realize it yet. It’s an anticipatory dream… showing you what may happen, should you take the right fork down the next road.

    Now excuse me. I have to go pick up my white sport coat and peach tie from the dry cleaners.

    • It felt like a second life. Mystical and otherworldly. Perhaps a memory. Of a time before. If one believes in that sort of thing. I bet you look good in peach and white. ;) In a hammock of course.

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