Exposing Myself for the Sake of Community

I went back and forth for days on whether or not I was going to participate in Hy’s Boobday. Obviously the side that wanted to won. One of the things I love about how she does it is that anyone can participate as long as they follow her guidelines. It’s inclusive. And there is something truly beautiful about that. And that was the deciding factor. I want to support an inclusive community. And if I can do that by taking and sharing a photo that I feel celebrates the figure I was given, then I’m good with that.

Not only did it take me a while to decide if I was going to join in, it was also a thirty minute process of trying to capture the feeling I wanted in the photo. I’m exposing myself. And I wanted the vulnerability that comes with that to be felt in the image. Yes. There were some I culled that had me “presenting” myself… back arched, breasts forward. And they were damn sexy. But right now, that’s not how I feel. So I shared this. This simple photo of me in a threadbare v-neck tee left behind by an old lover many years ago.

My fist submission to Boobday.

My fist submission to Boobday.

Happy Boobday, y’all.

48 thoughts on “Exposing Myself for the Sake of Community

  1. That is classic, Marian!! I love that you made it work for you. And it is very sexy. I have to admit that I do like anticipation. And this fits the bill perfectly.

    Maybe next week I’ll participate. Oh wait. I guess not too many people’d be interested in mine. But you DID say it was inclusive….

      • I may do that one day. Just to shake the joint up a little. There will be a run on new monitor screens that week. I can break glass at 50 paces.

        And you’re welcome. I thought that was a very classy compromise. You impress me. <3

  2. I’ve debated for a long while about Boobday, as well. There is the exhibitionist part of me that wants to bare it all and enjoy the freedom (and fun comments). But because of friendships I’ve made with a lot of my readers, I start getting that very awkward “ummmm, no” voice. Your photo is intimate and vulnerable and sexy and wholesome. I wish I had thought of it!!!! Way to go for joining in and being true to yourself!!!

  3. The event was special for me…imagine my surprise when I discovered that my wife participated!?!? I was completely caught flat-footed to find out and see her picture there amongst you other gorgeous people!

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