I’m Having Cravings

It’s been months, maybe as many as six, since I’ve had a true craving like this.

No. Not for pickles and ice cream. Nothing as dramatic as that.

Tonight I’m craving wine. Chilled, crisp, full bodied white wine. But I can’t have it. Not yet. I have to earn it. Sigh. Being healthy is such a downer sometimes. I could be on my second glass by now.

But no. I’m gonna be good girl and drag my ass outside and burn off at least some of the calories I fully intend to drink. If only I wasn’t so comfortable. Wine with a side of spooning would be so much more pleasant. Don’t you think?


41 thoughts on “I’m Having Cravings

  1. Yes, I do think so says the girl who has already messed up on her 30 day workout challenge. lol

    Resolve can be equally wonderful. Just like this pic of you! :-)


  2. Love the pic Marian…a svelte yet curvaceous . It’s like long winding road in the hills whispering “be gentle on these curves”

  3. I firmly believe that wine and food are very sensual and can be very sexy,think of the possibilities that arise after a romantic dinner,,wine is a passion of mine,but then so is passion..a passion.of mine…great post ..thank you for writing…

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