Here on My Shoulder

I stretched tonight after I had toweled off after my shower, easing the tension and soreness. Clasping my hands behind my back, I aimed to connect my shoulder blades, my tendons squealing a little from the pain. My hands released and then took turns kneading the muscles up and down my arms.

As I preformed this evening ritual I thought about the decisions I’m faced with on a daily basis and the analogy August brought up about the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Like many people, I feel that tugging in one direction or the other often. What I should do versus what my baser nature wants to do.

While this ran through my head I took a good long look at my shoulders. They are broad. Always have been. I will never have the narrow, delicate frame of my mother, and I’m good with that. They are surprisingly strong. I can remember many times I’ve moved things without a second thought and been asked how I had done that. I’ve never done strength training or weight lifting… It’s just how I was made.

I believe that I was designed with the body I need. So whether the angel or devil who sits on them wins the next round, I’m going to be thankful for my strength, both physically and emotionally. Throughout this life I expect to need both. If not for myself, then so I may be a comfort and help to others.

One of my shoulders…


31 thoughts on “Here on My Shoulder

  1. From what I have read I would say your shoulders are that broad to hold a whole panel of angelic and demonic advisor who nevertheless will constantly complain to their respective bosses how overworked they are and how they could use a few extra guys to help out. You don’t live a straightforward life Marian. But then, why would you want to?

  2. Okay, I’m smiling and blushing that you used my analogy in your blog post — and that it caused you to take a photo of one of your shoulders! Broad, strong shoulders are good to have. And that’s a beautiful, artful photo.

  3. This is so weird. I commented on three of your posts and two of them disappeared. Oh and they were so good, too! So I’ll try to re-create what I wrote. But the moment has passed. Sigh.

    I think maybe you and I were switched at birth. My shoulders are narrow… not weak by any stretch but not broad, that’s for sure. And the fact that you recognize that you have broad mental shoulders as well, and realize that there may be a reason for that, is humbling. You have strength of character too. A “three-fer” as they say… somewhere.

    Use your powers for good. This journey we call life is long and for some, arduous. And your portrait is not only beautiful, but soothing. You have unburdened someones shoulders already. Nicely done.

  4. I’m enjoying your reflections. Speaking as a battle scarred veteran of the Angel vs Devil Wars, I find one of the benefits is you discover, or as the case may be, reaffirm, who you truly are. Good luck!

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