I Want You to Ride My Ass Again

“I want you to ride my ass again,” Jack told me over lunch last week. With a covert look over his shoulder to make sure no one had approached our patio table he continued. “Remember how I had been fucking you and then you told me to roll over so you could rub my back? And then you were sitting on my ass massaging my shoulders and kissing my neck. And then you started grinding your pussy on my tailbone and you did it harder and faster. And then you came on my ass, and I felt you squirt and it ran down my ass crack. That was amazing! We have to do that again.”

With my conflict front of mind, I strategically put a bite of salad in my mouth and nodded with an accompanying, “Mmmhmmm.”

“It’s been months since I’ve been inside you,” he sighed.

“Yes, around six months I think,” I agreed.

“That’s too long,” he said, “I need to be inside you. I need you on top of me, with my cock in you really deep. And I want you to rock back and forth on it while I play with those amazing tits you have. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?”

“It does,” I said.

“We are going to have two nights together this time,” he said grinning, referring to the upcoming business trip we will be taking together, “We’ve never had two nights. We are going to fuck for hours! It’s going to be amazing. And you know what? I’m going to fall asleep inside you.”

“You are?”

“Yes. I’m going to stay inside that tight little pussy of yours for as long as I can. I want to be sore from all we are going to do.”

“Well, not too sore,” I said, “You don’t want any questions when you get home.”

“True,” he agreed, spooning up another bite of lobster bisque before continuing. “You have an amazing pussy. And the way you come. And just keep coming… wow. I’ve never seen anyone do that. Sarah is awesome, but she is only good for one or two if I’m lucky. How many times did you come the last time? Twenty?”

“I stopped counting at twenty,” I smiled.

“Wow,” Jack shook his head, “Just wow. God, I can’t wait. And you have to ride my ass again.”

I’ve got about a week before I’m faced with making a decision about how I’m going to proceed. But he did paint a tempting picture. No matter what, I’ve decided to write about what happens. So… stay tuned. 



48 thoughts on “I Want You to Ride My Ass Again

  1. Conflict? What conflict? It strikes me that there are three options here. And they all involve “Save a horse, ride a cowboy.”

    It’s a good thing you’re not coming to me for advice. I am sooooo easily distracted. And this post has distracted me something awful.

  2. Damn! Jack is turning me on with all his amazing pussy talk. lol

    Seriously, I’m glad to hear that you will write about it and I wish you all the best in whatever choice you make.


      • If I had to make a bet it would definitely be ” yes” something will happen. This is why I would say ” yes”

        You have good chemistry in the past.
        You didn’t discourage any of the advances at lunch.
        You haven’t strayed from Nathan in awhile.
        You like the excitement and thrill of something new. In this case something old that you haven’t had in awhile.
        The fact that you probably shouldn’t but know that it
        be too damn pleasurable.
        And finally, you will say ” yes” because you will end it with him permanently after this last romp.

        These of course are just my gut assumptions lol.

  3. Ah the glorious tantalizing possibilities …and then hell hath no fury than a former lover scorned . For once I wait with bated breath for a not so sensuous account of your interactions with Jack. It will reinforce the romantic notion that an erotically charged gorgeous woman turning down the transient fleeting joy for her devout lover at home . Good luck to the Angels carressing your shoulder blade .

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