I Need an Escape

I know I’m not the first person to want to flee from reality for a while. It’s a feeling I would assume everyone has experienced. There is a lot in my life coming to head at the moment. Work stress and the added pressure from my upcoming decision on what to do with Jack has made my chest feel tight and tiny furrows to appear between my brows.

So I’m running away for the weekend. Where, you ask? To the haven and welcoming arms of dear sweet Hy. Everything seems better in her rose-tinted world. I’m so thankful she has invited me down. I have a huge bottle of white wine chilling in my fridge to bring. And will raid my liqueur cabinet for some other goodies to take as well.

See you soon my sweet friend. It’s been far too long.

12 thoughts on “I Need an Escape

  1. Have a great weekend, Marian. Hy is such a safe haven. Remember that there are a few of us here who are willling to make things work over the next little while. You, of course get to choose what happens. The rest of us get to watch. Take good care, and say “Hi’ to Hy for us.

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