A Lie Catches Up with Me (part 2)

I lay stiffly in the bed, careful not to brush against Nathan. As upset as he was, there was no way he would want to touch me. After a few minutes of fiddling on my phone to keep up appearances, I shut it down, set it on the nightstand and closed my eyes.

In the dark, I began to think of the times and ways I have been unfaithful to Nathan. I imagined him finding out, the betrayal that would wash over his face. Then the anger that would invade, poisoning the love. And worst of all, the hurt. And then the cold, frosty way he would forever look at me. Life without Nathan. That’s what I contemplated. Over and over my heart clenched, breaking at the thought.

Sometime later I felt a hand on my breast. He must have brushed against me in his sleep, I thought. I lay very still. But the hand moved. Suddenly my nipple was between his thumb and finger, being pinched and pulled. I was shocked. Nathan has never been rough on my nipples.

He continued with the torment, as I attempted to lay still, but it felt too good, this new mix of pleasure and pain from the man I love. Sharp intakes of breath on the hardest pinches gave me away. My brain fumbled to grasp what was happening.

Why was he touching me? And more importantly, why like this?

Nathan rolled to the side and while still toying with my breasts drove a hand under my panties and onto my mound. With impatient movements he ripped the sheer garment from my body. I lifted my hips, meeting his plundering hand with a moan. Fast and urgent his fingers worked, pulling an orgasm from me in seconds.

Still I had not touched him. The assumed rejection I expected to face had kept me paralyzed. But as I flinched my hand brushed against his member. It was hard. Relief washed over me and I gripped it simply by reflex. The throbbing cock in my hand was in no way rejecting me.

To further confirm that, Nathan was on top of me the next second. It was as if my touch had unleashed him. My channel, wet from orgasm, felt him push and then plunder. One arm slid under my shoulder and gripped me close. The other hand palmed my breast roughly.

His breathing quickened and I clenched in anticipation of his orgasm, but it didn’t come. Instead he thrust deeper and harder, his mouth coming down on mine. In the past I’ve only received gentle kisses from Nathan, but not then. His lips pressed hard then opened, allowing his teeth to graze against my soft flesh.

All of my body felt invaded by him. His fingers dug into my breast, his tongue penetrated my mouth and his thick hardness pounded deep inside my well. The way he claimed me… It overwhelmed. I arched against him, pouring out an orgasm.

He released the breast he had been squeezing to the point of bruising and brushed the damp locks of hair off my sweaty brow. And then, braced on his elbows, he framed my face with his hands as he continued to fuck me relentlessly.

“I love you,” I whispered. But it came from a place so deep within me it felt like a scream.

“I love you,” he breathed into my hair.

I came again at his words, rocking my hips against him, my only thought his pleasure. Where had this been? In all the time we had been intimate, never was it like this. This was what I wanted. This man who was possessing all of me with his body, with his passion. I didn’t know he had this in him.

It seemed as if he was letting out his anger and frustration at me for saying I had been flirting with other men with each ram of his cock. And at the same time, claiming me as his own. The moan that escaped when he finally came sounded otherworldly. He collapsed in a sweaty heap upon me. Tenderly I ran my fingertips over his back while he lay still. I was literally holding everything I had to lose.

We fell asleep like that, him still inside me. I’m not sure when we shifted positions, but when I woke in the night we both lay face down on our respective sides of the bed, our pinky fingers hooked together.

This happened Sunday night. Not a word has been said about the lie he doesn’t know was a lie, the one that started all this. But what is not a lie is that I have no interest in sleeping with Jack on our business trip. A trip he expects to be filled with two nights of crazy monkey sex.

I’m realizing that I don’t understand Nathan nearly as well as I thought I did. Me saying I was flirting obviously upset him. But he never said a word about it. If anyone has any insight into this I would love to hear your thoughts.

29 thoughts on “A Lie Catches Up with Me (part 2)

  1. Ive said this before but i’m more convinced now – i like nathan! :) having said that i’m guessing this whole incident is more about you -it seems that lie was a push to resolve the conflict you’ve been having (chris, jack…) And “escalate” the situation with nathan. Am no expert bt maybe he wanted t show you that maybe you dont need anyone else…

  2. He appears to have a jealous streak that originated in the past. But he’s working through it – roughly! You enjoyed it though, right?
    I think you’re going to be fine. As long as Nathan realizes he’s in love with a beautiful, passionate woman who attracts many a suitor. I’ve developed a jealous streak as well with my wife, but its under control.
    Nathan has the right idea; channelling it is better than lashing out at you.

  3. Just speaking from experience, and on a wholly different part of the spectrum (relationship-wise), Sir is obviously always possessive, dominant, etc… however! He is never MORE like this than when there is someone else sniffing around what is his.

    Is is a primal urge/drive/action from MAN? Do we as women have this drive as well? Is it biology, psychology? Who knows. But it is usually, and in this case (it sounds like) Good.

    It’s always nice when our partners can still surprise us.


    • HI sweet Fatal. I’ve been horribly remiss in responding to comments. I’m so sorry. Thank you for this. Sounds like you have experience with man’s primal urges. This new found passion hasn’t abated yet. And I’m so thankful. It’s a whole new world.

      • And now we know why you have been remiss in responding to comments ;-)
        Being caught in new found passion seems so much more interesting than replying, doesn’t it? :-D

  4. I’ve got a difference perspective to offer, from that as a man who openly shares his wife with other men and women.

    For me, watching Veronica enjoy herself with others is in itself a turn-on. For all you know, and perhaps Nathan doesn’t realize it either, maybe the thought of you (supposedly) flirting with others turned him on?

    • Hi you. :) Maybe the thought of others wanting what is his did… but there was anger on his face and in his voice when I told the lie. Either way… things are good now. Thankfully.

  5. I’m pleased that it worked out and you have come out stronger with Nathan than before. Sometimes, a storm is necessary to stir up the mud clogging the channels.
    So, ‘What happened there?’ I hear you say. As Ann and Valentine said, he is claiming you, marking you as his property (as much as most of us men can lay claim to a woman).
    He has also changed tack somewhat. He has decided to stop making sweet and gentle love to you, now he will fuck you and use you, subject you to his demands. In part, this is in recognition that the gentle approach has worn a little thin and tired, that your loving needs spicing up. So, be prepared for bite marks and more bruised nipples. Even be mentally prepared that he way wish to take your butt, which may be a (enjoyable) novelty for you both (lube, lube, lube!).
    However, make sure that he knows what your hard limits are, what he should not do to you. A lot of ‘literature’ and ‘film’ has certain types of pain (spanking, slapping etc) and restraint (ropes etc) as something that the female participants multiple orgasm over. If it does not work for you, stop him and gently explain that this is a no-go area.
    And I hope you enjoy the new-found energy in your relationship:-)

  6. You got it right when you said he was “claiming you as his own”. That’s exactly what he was doing – he got jealous, felt hurt and threatened hence the unusually “rough” loving. I think that maybe, just maybe, there was a touch of wanting to “punish” you in there as well?

  7. I had two thoughts when I first read this; #1 OH YEAH, he was claiming you as his. Actions are often louder than words and it’s a built in response for any man to establish his position as the primary in the relationship.

    #2 I also, had the same thought as hubman. Maybe this was a turn on for him. It has always been a huge turn on for me to see other women fancy my husband, in addition and more to the 1st point I love how he has taken me after the couple occasions we have had the opportunity to be with others. It is as other’s have stated, *primal*. :)

    • Hi ‘Tis… as I’ve said to others… I didn’t know I had let the comments sit without replying. I’m so sorry! I believe #1 was the main reason he did what he did. And I have to say… I’m so glad it happened. It’s be a literal wake up call for me.

  8. Oh my this turned me on in a way I had not thought possible. it was not just the sexual actions that lit me up it was the fact that it drew you to a descion about jack. The fact that him claiming you and letting you know without ever speaking a word that you are his and what he wants, the way he conquered you mind and body without telling you is what got to me. Yes it was primal yes it was jealousy but more importantly it was love, it was a love so deep for you that he gave you what you needed, without you ever saying it. Loved this piece Marian.

    • Thank you so much for these beautiful words. Yes. There was so much love. So much. And it’s just blooming like crazy right now. And the really amazing part is he has no idea what he kept me from doing.

  9. What she ^^ said! Beautiful!
    And it’s a beautiful feeling too, isn’t it, to feel possessed, wanted in this deep, animalistic way?
    I’m happy for you both!

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