Same Song, Second Verse?

Something that has caused me to feel strange has come up. It’s come to my attention that a man I briefly dated several years ago has begun a relationship with an acquaintance of mine. This development isn’t surprising considering that we all run in the same circles. And I’m thrilled for them both. She is a lovely woman; he’s a lovely man. And when he and I went out it wasn’t under the premise of a longterm relationship developing, but rather an effort by me to launch him back into the company of females and get him comfortable with the mere idea of dating again. What did yield a head tilt and slightly raised eyebrow were the similarities between their activities and his and ours. Continue reading

The Burn on Her Lips

Surrounded by life she blocks it all out
And listens to songs about whiskey
While sipping her loneliness away

But the burn on her lips
She wishes was from his kiss

Pen in hand she writes him a letter
Reaching across the distance makes her feel better

But the burn on her lips
She wishes was from his kiss

Determined to not rip it all apart
She searches for the will to control her tell-tale heart

But the burn on her lips
She wishes was from his kiss

A New Blog That I’m Loving

I’ve just spent an hour I didn’t have reading the entirety of a new blog I just found. This woman, Lily, is pouring out her heart in beautifully crafted pieces that, once you start reading, I bet you’ll be like me and have to read the whole thing.

The blog, Recovering Woman Caught in Adultery, weaves a tale of forbidden passion and desire. Let me know if you love her as much as I do already.


Touch Me from Head to Toe

I woke up this morning and stretched my body its full length. I’m petite… so it isn’t as if I was taking up a terribly large amount of space. Nathan stirred quietly beside me. I bent a knee and kicked off the covers on my side of the bed. Then I lifted both my legs and flexed the wakening muscles. Running has done wonders for them. Before there was only a hint of a calf muscle and suggestion of a quadricep. But this morning, as they extended above me I saw lean, powerful stems. Ones that can push for miles. I ran my hands down the outside of them, fingertips barely touching. Then sensation brought my nipples to sharp peaks.

Nathan slept on as I envisioned being touched with featherlight strokes from the top of my head, down my body, over my abdomen and down every inch of my legs. There wasn’t time for such shenanigans as the alarm went off with a jarring beep, but maybe later. In the mean time, here’s a glimpse at my hard work as I slipped on my stockings for a hectic day in the office.

Now the question is… should I share this pic with the high school crush?


I’ve Been a Bad Girl (plus an update on the high school crush)

My outward image is that of a “good girl”… or perhaps “good woman” now that I’m in my early 30s. A well-behaved Southern one at that. I stand up straight. I don’t swear around most people. I write thank you notes. I don’t wear sandals without a pedicure. I’m polite to a fault. I wouldn’t dream of openly discussing my inner turmoils, my deepest fears, my darkest desires or my struggles with fidelity. But around here, behind the thin veil I dance behind, I do exactly that.

And in this amazing land of openness and sex-positive spirit, that has garnered me an award from the sexy quill master H.H. of My Sex Life With Lola. The Bad Girl Bloggers Award no less! I met H.H. and Lo a couple of years ago when I first began pouring my heart out on this blog. Their crazy adventures helped me feel a little less self-conscious about my own actions. And were super hot to read to boot! They’ve awarded several others along with me and I really recommend popping by and getting to know the other ladies. Several of us have been for a while but you might discover someone new which is always fun.

In keeping with the idea of introducing people to new bloggers I am going to nominate some new-to-me ladies (yes. you can be a bad girl and a lady too) whose blogs I’m throughly enjoying discovering.

Dawn D of Dawn’s Nights
She’s not only candid in her blogging, but one of the most thoughtful commenters I’ve encountered. Her journey full of ups and downs. Something I believe all of us can understand. But how she writes about it… well… just take a look. You’ll see.

Savannah Carrier of Warm Creme
Savannah is the sexy wifey half of a husband and wife blog that will blow you away. They are chronicling their journey to explore new sexual heights together and at the same time strengthen their marriage. It’s the stuff romantic porn is made of. I’m in love with them both!

Sharn of Spankalicious
If her amazing smile in her avatar doesn’t win you over immediately then her writing will for sure. While sex is part of what she touches on, there’s also so lots of thought provoking self discovery. She gets me thinking with every post.

Now, I’m going to stop at three because I believe that’s plenty to get to know in one post. However, I reserve the right to whip the award out again at any time and pass it on to the another set of sexy bad girl lady bloggers at a later date.

So what are the rules for the award? I don’t do rules very well. Especially not here. So Dawn, Savannah and Sharn… it’s yours to enjoy. The badge is below so if you choose to pass this on, please include it with the post. And above all else, revel in being just a little bit (or a lot) bad. : )


And now for the update on the high school crush who friended me on Facebook. We keep messaging. A lot. And keep dancing around talk of “what ifs.” What I really want is to hear his voice… to see if it’s still the same as I remember, to dance a little closer to the danger line. One of his messages said, “I don’t ever want to lose you again.”

And the scary thing is, I don’t want him to.


An Old Crush Friended Me on Facebook

The friend request showed up while I was at lunch with a girl from work. I frowned at my phone, the name familiar in a way that causes the cobwebs in the far reaches of my brain to tremble. I set the phone down to focus on my friend. But the chime of a message interrupted.

“I don’t know if you remember me,” I read, “but we graduated together. I’ve been searching for you for a long time.”

It all came back in a rush.

I was only there for one semester. And he and I never dated. Never kissed. In fact, he only touched me once. At graduation he took my face in hands and bent down so his face was inches from mine and said, “Marian, I want you to know that I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. And you are so special. Don’t ever forget that.”

I was speechless. Looking up at him as he cradled my face in his hands with crowds of people around, I think I just nodded. That was the last time I saw him, the last time we spoke.

“Marian, are you okay?” my friend asked, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Continue reading

Describe Your Perfect Day

“Describe your perfect day,” he wrote.

“It would start in a luxury hotel in Europe,” I typed back, “Perhaps one overlooking a Mediterranean shore.”

perfect day 2

I closed my eyes and let the vision come into focus.

perfect day 2 1

“It is spring. Birds are my alarm clock. Breakfast is room service. Hot. Delicious. In bed. The coffee is perfect. So is the love making. And then, with two appetites satisfied, we are off to explore something old and historical. New people are met and visited with. Lunch is leisurely, in a quaint café with bread that was baked that morning. It has a perfect crust.”

I could almost smell the rich flavors as I imagined the scene. More began to unfold.

perfect day 3

“We walk everywhere,” I continued, “And discover something. I don’t know what… cave paintings, dead sea scrolls… something. But we don’t tell anyone. We keep it just for us. At least that day. In the evening we stroll under twinkle lights and get caught up in a wedding party that involves the whole village. There is wine. Dancing. Flirting with the natives. And then, the comfort of landing back in the arms of one I love. As the clock strikes midnight, while feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world, we stroll back to the room arm in arm. And make noisy, passionate love until dawn. That is my perfect day.”

perfect day 4


I had not thought about my perfect day until he asked the question. So let me pose the same one to you: What is your perfect day? Let me know in the comments or, if you are so inspired, post about it and then add the link in a comment so I can read about it.

Love and hugs,



“How does something so simple feel so good?” I asked Nathan a few minutes ago as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of my channel.

My mound is bruised and tender so before he entered this morning I asked him to be careful. And careful he was. Long, time stretching strokes took his spear almost completely out of the moist, pink tunnel that hugged it. And then, with great care in it would come again.

“I don’t know,” Nathan said answering my question. “I don’t know.”

I don’t understand why simple penetration yields so much pleasure either. Perhaps there are some mysteries that don’t need an answer.