Describe Your Perfect Day

“Describe your perfect day,” he wrote.

“It would start in a luxury hotel in Europe,” I typed back, “Perhaps one overlooking a Mediterranean shore.”

perfect day 2

I closed my eyes and let the vision come into focus.

perfect day 2 1

“It is spring. Birds are my alarm clock. Breakfast is room service. Hot. Delicious. In bed. The coffee is perfect. So is the love making. And then, with two appetites satisfied, we are off to explore something old and historical. New people are met and visited with. Lunch is leisurely, in a quaint café with bread that was baked that morning. It has a perfect crust.”

I could almost smell the rich flavors as I imagined the scene. More began to unfold.

perfect day 3

“We walk everywhere,” I continued, “And discover something. I don’t know what… cave paintings, dead sea scrolls… something. But we don’t tell anyone. We keep it just for us. At least that day. In the evening we stroll under twinkle lights and get caught up in a wedding party that involves the whole village. There is wine. Dancing. Flirting with the natives. And then, the comfort of landing back in the arms of one I love. As the clock strikes midnight, while feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world, we stroll back to the room arm in arm. And make noisy, passionate love until dawn. That is my perfect day.”

perfect day 4


I had not thought about my perfect day until he asked the question. So let me pose the same one to you: What is your perfect day? Let me know in the comments or, if you are so inspired, post about it and then add the link in a comment so I can read about it.

Love and hugs,


37 thoughts on “Describe Your Perfect Day

      • One of my first dates with Will, oh so many years ago, he asked me what my vision was of my life after I stopped working. I described an Italian vineyard, which I owned, and much of what you described.

        Now, my vision has changed a little, but we did a really good job for several years of visiting the places we wanted to see. My favourite place, still to this day, was this tiny fishing village on the island of Paros, Greece. Heaven.

        I hope you get that perfect day, my dear.

  1. Oh Noodle! My perfect day would be meeting you on the street while you are having yours!!!


    PS: Sorry I am way behind in my reading….I’ve missed several chapters.

  2. That’s a great day! Beautiful and sounds like so much to enjoy. As for my perfect day, I suppose a blend of sex, great food, a walk through a cool city (like New Orleans) or a walk in the woods, and maybe a little writing. Wait — except for the writing, it sounds like yours. Sorry for stealing :)

  3. My perfect day involves manual labor in the sun, at the end of which I should be sweaty, dirty, cut, bruised, sore, tired, and able to sit on my deck with an ice cold beer and survey my good works, while thinking of what to do next. Throw in a hot shower and oral sex, and it’s aces. :)

  4. Your perfect day sounds wonderful! As for me, these days I’d settle for a day free of thinking about work, kids and/or home improvement stuff. If I can arrange for that day to occur while I’m a warm beach with a cool drink in my hand, all the better!

  5. Oh my goodness! You just read about my perfect day…and now I read about yours!!
    I love happy little happenings like this.
    Your perfect day sounds absolutely divine and what a fun conversation to have with your man. Swoon…sign me up for that!!

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