I’ve Been a Bad Girl (plus an update on the high school crush)

My outward image is that of a “good girl”… or perhaps “good woman” now that I’m in my early 30s. A well-behaved Southern one at that. I stand up straight. I don’t swear around most people. I write thank you notes. I don’t wear sandals without a pedicure. I’m polite to a fault. I wouldn’t dream of openly discussing my inner turmoils, my deepest fears, my darkest desires or my struggles with fidelity. But around here, behind the thin veil I dance behind, I do exactly that.

And in this amazing land of openness and sex-positive spirit, that has garnered me an award from the sexy quill master H.H. of My Sex Life With Lola. The Bad Girl Bloggers Award no less! I met H.H. and Lo a couple of years ago when I first began pouring my heart out on this blog. Their crazy adventures helped me feel a little less self-conscious about my own actions. And were super hot to read to boot! They’ve awarded several others along with me and I really recommend popping by and getting to know the other ladies. Several of us have been for a while but you might discover someone new which is always fun.

In keeping with the idea of introducing people to new bloggers I am going to nominate some new-to-me ladies (yes. you can be a bad girl and a lady too) whose blogs I’m throughly enjoying discovering.

Dawn D of Dawn’s Nights
She’s not only candid in her blogging, but one of the most thoughtful commenters I’ve encountered. Her journey full of ups and downs. Something I believe all of us can understand. But how she writes about it… well… just take a look. You’ll see.

Savannah Carrier of Warm Creme
Savannah is the sexy wifey half of a husband and wife blog that will blow you away. They are chronicling their journey to explore new sexual heights together and at the same time strengthen their marriage. It’s the stuff romantic porn is made of. I’m in love with them both!

Sharn of Spankalicious
If her amazing smile in her avatar doesn’t win you over immediately then her writing will for sure. While sex is part of what she touches on, there’s also so lots of thought provoking self discovery. She gets me thinking with every post.

Now, I’m going to stop at three because I believe that’s plenty to get to know in one post. However, I reserve the right to whip the award out again at any time and pass it on to the another set of sexy bad girl lady bloggers at a later date.

So what are the rules for the award? I don’t do rules very well. Especially not here. So Dawn, Savannah and Sharn… it’s yours to enjoy. The badge is below so if you choose to pass this on, please include it with the post. And above all else, revel in being just a little bit (or a lot) bad. : )


And now for the update on the high school crush who friended me on Facebook. We keep messaging. A lot. And keep dancing around talk of “what ifs.” What I really want is to hear his voice… to see if it’s still the same as I remember, to dance a little closer to the danger line. One of his messages said, “I don’t ever want to lose you again.”

And the scary thing is, I don’t want him to.


27 thoughts on “I’ve Been a Bad Girl (plus an update on the high school crush)

  1. Fantastic group of ladies and a new one for me so thank you.

    Now I have Danger Zone stuck in my head from Top Gun… could be a fun day. lol


  2. Marian,
    When Savannah sees this, she is going to be beside herself with joy. I was just reading my feed and saw another “bad girl” post and thought, “cool! Another blogger being recognized for their body of work!” Congrats!

    …then I see that you nominated my wife. I am very happy…no…overjoyed for her! My wife is a good sport and will, no doubt be giddy as she was highly encouraged by me, ‘Tis and a few others to give blogging a try. Five posts in and she gets recognition for it. I couldn’t think of a better form of validation. Now, here’s the funny part. She is going to also point out to me that with 80+ posts to my name, I am now behind the curve. ;-)

      • Marian!!! OMG!!!
        You are such a sweetheart! I am floored!! Thank you for thinking of me (and Will). I just HAD to get a post up on Will’s blog (I had to sneak away from my work to do it).

        Will, I see this as recognition for you too, my love! Marian did make a point of writing “they” when she talked about your (our???) blog. You can be a bad girl with me, sweetie! ;-)

          • Thank you, sweetie! You are such an encouragement to me! Every other bad girl that I could think of was already acknowledged (I wanted go well beyond three). You put me in with some very special company (including yourself).

            Listen to me (us)! All of this mushy commentary between us (and the other ladies) doesn’t convey the bad girl image befitting of our award, now does it? Ha!!

            Who cares! I just love you and the rest of these wonderful women! :-D

      • See?

        Damn, Savannah! I thought that you were busy all morning? How did you get that post up so fast? (I told you that people would love your writing! )

  3. Many congratulations Marian! Well done! It is nice to see Bad Girls Sticking together :) . As for your Facebook Friend often the reality does not do the memory justice but the memory can be so tempting. Good luck.

  4. Reblogged this on Dawn's Nights and commented:
    Yesterday, I was deeply honoured to read my name on the wonderful Marian Green’s blog, creative Noodling.
    Because of things that happened in my life, I wasn’t able to acknowledge the honour and thank her properly before now. So thank you Marian.
    Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to do more about it, but for, now, It’s more than time for me to go to bed :-)

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