Touch Me from Head to Toe

I woke up this morning and stretched my body its full length. I’m petite… so it isn’t as if I was taking up a terribly large amount of space. Nathan stirred quietly beside me. I bent a knee and kicked off the covers on my side of the bed. Then I lifted both my legs and flexed the wakening muscles. Running has done wonders for them. Before there was only a hint of a calf muscle and suggestion of a quadricep. But this morning, as they extended above me I saw lean, powerful stems. Ones that can push for miles. I ran my hands down the outside of them, fingertips barely touching. Then sensation brought my nipples to sharp peaks.

Nathan slept on as I envisioned being touched with featherlight strokes from the top of my head, down my body, over my abdomen and down every inch of my legs. There wasn’t time for such shenanigans as the alarm went off with a jarring beep, but maybe later. In the mean time, here’s a glimpse at my hard work as I slipped on my stockings for a hectic day in the office.

Now the question is… should I share this pic with the high school crush?


82 thoughts on “Touch Me from Head to Toe

  1. Sharing with us, yes, thank you very much by the way!
    Sharing with him… it all depends where you want to take it… This is screaming ‘fuck me!’. So… be warned :-)

  2. Let me get this straight. You lay their fantasizing while your fella lay asleep next to you????? You should have woken that lazy bum up alarm be damned!!!
    As for the facebook friend….. I don’t know… Are you intending on piquing his interest? Because it certainly will.

    • Joe… You are absolutely right. I should have. In the moment I thought there was more time than there actually was. Sigh. And when Nathan thinks he is going to be late I could bend over completely naked in front of him and he’d just scoot me to the side. So I didn’t even try.
      And that’s the very type of thing that makes me want to pique the crush’s interest. Conundrum? I think so.

  3. The finest monochrome ‘come hither’ message ever! As 27 others have noted in earlier comments:-)
    Do not send him that picture. Not until after you are lovers, anyway. Hey, don’t send it to me, either! I’m sure it would damage my health.

  4. Pardon me raising a technicality, but aren’t those tights / pantyhosenot stockings?
    Not that that makes the thought of your legs above you or getting to stoke them any less attractive. I’ve always loved a good pair of muscular calves on a woman.

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