Fucked Surrounded By Men

I’ve rarely write anything that I felt like needed a “warning: explicit” label. But this post does. So read with that in mind.

The alarm rang out at exactly 6:23 this morning. I moaned. Not on a Saturday. I had forgotten to reset it. I shut it off with a frustrated flick of my finger. In the pre-dawn light I lay awake, my mind wandering. Soon my hands began to wander as well. Nipples hardened. Channel moistened. I reached for Nathan.

In our sleepy state we began our joining. Nathan lay on his side, cock thick, primed, and ready as it is every morning. I scissored up to him, one leg thrown over his hip, the other between his thighs. As he pierced me, I began to rub my clit with one finger and flick my nipples with the other hand. His slow strokes took him half way in at first, forcing my channel to expand and allow him deeper purchase. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the sensations: his warm body against my ass, my moistening clit, his hard cock going deeper and deeper, the texture of my erect nipples. And then something different happened. I began to fantasize.

As I lay there, completely naked and exposed, I imagined men standing over me, watching us fuck. They were naked as well, intently focused on the coupling before them, cocks in hand, stroking themselves. So many penises… hard and throbbing. Shorter thick ones. Longer narrow ones. Crooked ones. Pink ones. Purple ones. Average ones. Porn star ones. Circumcised and uncircumcised ones. All aimed at me. At that thought my level of arousal increased by ten fold.

It felt wrong, the vision going on in my head. I shouldn’t be so turned on by the thought of being watched. Of being treated as an object. Especially by so many. But my body responded to the thoughts in ways I did not expect. My breathing quickened and I felt myself get very, very wet. Nathan suddenly was able to slide all the way in. The deeper he plunged the better it felt. The pace of my finger on my clit increased, as did the stokes on the cocks of my fantasy men. They matched us thrust for thrust.

This vision of numerous cocks—there had to have been seven at least—being pumped in tight fists hard and harder swam in my head. As each glistening helmet was revealed, over and over and over again, I came closer and closer to orgasm. I bucked against Nathan, grinding my pubic bone against him. My breasts, free and loose, bounced in a happy rhythm. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to my orgasm. I rubbed my swollen clit harder and faster. All my nerve endings seemed centered there, at this apex of my pleasure.

“Fuck me, Nathan! Fuck me!” I cried out.

He slammed into me, harder and faster… pounding my pussy, filling me, stretching me. I moaned. The cocks in my head were a blur of hands and pulsing flesh. I was so close. Sooo close.

“Cum with me!” I said. But I wasn’t speaking to Nathan. 

As I crescendoed and the tsunami of my orgasm washed over me, they came. All of them at once. With me. Streams of imaginary hot, creamy cum crisscrossed my body, streaking my breasts and abdomen. It seemed as if we came together for ages, though I know it was only seconds. A long, guttural moan escaped through my gritted teeth and with both hands I gripped the sheets beside me. Just as I was coming down from my orgasm I felt Nathan fill me with his.

I lay there in a daze, completely overwhelmed by the power of my release. After a while my eyelids fluttered open. I could hear the shower running. Nathan must have decided to go ahead and get up. The room was empty. All the men were gone.

65 thoughts on “Fucked Surrounded By Men

  1. “Should” and “shouldn’t” are such powerful, shame-inducing words. Seems that we women tend to use them a lot in every circumstance from “I should do the laundry, I should be a better (fill in the blank) to I shouldn’t enjoy (fill in the blank).”
    We will forever be so hard on ourselves.
    On a side note? Your writing is superb. I actually don’t read mainstream erotica, but I would definitely read you!!

    • Okay pretty lady… you made my day. I don’t do raunchy. But in many ways my fantasy was. So I feel like if you’d read my tale of this… there might be some hope. :)

      And your points on “should” and “shouldn’t” are spot on. But I say those things to myself often. But oddly… often with positive results. I “should” go run. So I do. And I feel better. I “shouldn’t” send that pic to the HS crush who found me on Facebook. So I haven’t. I just have to get them all to line up with positive results. At least that’s what I think I “should” do. ;)

      • You know, I think that’s why I really enjoyed this post (and you!) The way you write doesn’t make it feel raunchy. Does that make sense?
        To me, reading is just as much about how the reader feels as the words that end up in print. Reading this made me feel womanly and sexy and powerful event though it wasn’t happening to me.
        You are so right on the “shoulds”…in fact, I should go for a run right now! I’m three weeks post-op knee surgery and I can finally put one foot in front of the other.
        Keep writing, my dear. It’s beautiful and so are you :-)

  2. Well darlin’ there are a great number of would’ve, should’ve, maybe, can’t and shouldn’t if we followed these to the end of all the paths they lead I suspect most of us would be very unhappy, perhaps even miserable in our choices. Fantasy is a wonderful outlet for those things that we might not want to pursue in our lives, but would like in our private worlds. I personally loved this one, exploration is wonderful and your writing brings it alive.

    • Thank you Val. Fantasy is a safe place for me. One where I can do things I wouldn’t normally… enjoy the vibrance it brings. And then with a flutter of my eyelashes… it’s gone.

  3. Dear Marian,

    The title hooked me, though I must admit I thought your post was going to be about feminism or that of the life of capable woman surrounded by incompetent men. Don’t ask why…

    I read with pleasure your description of a morning’s interlude and enjoyed it thoroughly. Very nicely done.

    (Now, from one writer to another (I’d want to know, so I’m telling you), in your second to the last paragraph you’ve misspelled abdomen. Edit there to remove the niggling byproduct of the creative process, and then 86 this paragraph here in the comments. My real comment is my first two paragraphs. Stellar work, Marian.)



    • Hi Doug!!! So good to hear from you. And you don’t have to worry about finding a feminist post here. That is not my personality or purpose. Thank you for the compliments. And the correction. I appreciate it so.


  4. Woooooooooo girl!

    My mouth went dry and I feel the urge to hump inanimate objects except it will increase my frustration at not being allowed to get off.

    You’ve added to my torture. Hope you’re proud of yourself :P

    Ps. I loved this. It may be wrong but it was so hot!

    • * let me clarify, hit entire before I was ready. I’m going to blame you for making me prematurely comment.

      It may have felt wrong to think about it, but it was hot and thinking about it isn’t bad :)

  5. Oh! All the men were gone? :-(

    I completely understand what you felt, this mixture of excitement and guilt to imagine so many men watching you fuck. It’s funny, I had a very similar vision, though they were watching from the window and not towering over me in my fantasy. I couldn’t tell G about it right away, but I did write about it, which does have the same resilt eventually :-)

    Maybe you should tell Nathan, he just may enjoy it too, even if just in fantasy :-)

      • How do you know he would freak out?
        And this side of you is part of you. If you cannot share it with the man who shares your life, isn’t it a bit problematic?
        I may be mistaken, I’m new to this thing. But I’ve been pretending (to myself as well as others) for too long. Life is too short to pretend…
        The fact you talk about it doesn’t mean that you have to act on it, and maybe if you were to state that to him he would freak out less? But just for him to know what turns you on… And how you liked the idea o cum on you, and how you loved to feel him come inside you as you were still in the throes of your O… Make him feel included, like his being there was making it even hotter (as opposed to inadequate, not enough to satisfy you…)

        Yes, I kinda got the idea you wanted them closer than the window ;-)
        Though for me, if they had been that close, I would probably have wanted more than just their cum… I cannot imagine seeing a cock in front of my eyes and not wanting it in my mouth ;-)

        • I know because I know because I know. I’m aware that it’s not ideal that I can’t share this part of me with him. But everything else is so good. I’ve known this man a very long time. He’s straight laced and traditional.

          Now he does know that I love him coming in me and one me. But to mention that there were other men in the room in my head… He would look at me as if I was from another planet.

  6. I love half awake sex! The fantasy is utterly delicious! Will Wrote about some sleep sex we had a few months ago. If you do read it, you’ll know that I have a little secret…still. ;-)

  7. This is a fine example of that old adage that the most powerful sexual organ we have is the one laying between our ears. You have that working for you… wow! Good luck finding what else it can do.

  8. I presume I don’t need me to tell you I was there. Cock in fist. Pounding away. Almost violently. Urging myself on. Revelling in Nathan filling your channel (I like that word). Fixated by your fingers strumming at your bud. Racing you both, without overtaking you. Then unloading jets of pleasure across your writhing, sweaty, elated body. ;-)

  9. What can I say, Marian?
    I have to be honest, your mind is a wonderfully sensual, wild place, like a sexy Wonderland. But even hotter.
    Well done.
    I cannot stress this enough… Nathan is one lucky guy.

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