Running, Bourbon and a Sexy Pic

After I shared just how dark and gloomy I’ve been feeling the other day, this wonderful community chimed in with love, support and a flurry of try-this-to-feel-better suggestions. And I tried some of them last night. Now perhaps these shouldn’t have been done all at once, but though I’m not completely out of the storm, there is a sliver or two of light cracking through so I might have to rinse and repeat tonight.

First, I ran. And I ran hard. I beat by personal average mile time by a full 30 seconds. The thin, long-sleeved t-shirt that belonged to a man who has long sense forgotten it clung to my sweaty frame. The fog I’d been running through for thirty minutes only added to the dampness on my skin.

Second, I drank. Once home I immediately launched into preparing dinner for Nathan and I, but did so with a glass of Makers Mark in my hand. Neat. No water. No ice. I told a friend and he asked if the burn felt good. “What burn?” I responded. There was none. It was like syrup. Without the sickly sweetness. I felt myself begin to mellow. There were still some biting words aimed at Nathan that he didn’t deserve, but not as bad as the day before. And certainly not as terrible as they could have been. I drank some more.

Third, I took selfies of my cleavage. And I’m not feeling so gloomy that I’m too selfish to share… 



I feel that the light on my skin represents where I’m heading. Out of the dark. Eventually.

P.S. It’s started snowing on WordPress. :)

62 thoughts on “Running, Bourbon and a Sexy Pic

  1. I didn’t even THINK of a hard run, but any hard workout is a good idea. And liquor, the good stuff? Yeah, that’s a definite help!

    Oh, and I’m the selfish one that’s SO grateful all of that inspired cleavage pics. More, please. :-D

  2. Oh man a run always chills me. Well, wears me out more accurately. You’re badass drinking Maker’s without ice, but I already knew that. Kisses to you as you creep out the darkness.

    • I normally have to have water and ice. So not a bad ass at all! That just speaks to where I am emotionally, I believe. And I was worn out after the run. But I needed that. Hugs to you!

  3. My terrible days continue and yet, my beautiful friends on WP manage to find ways to brighten my day. I love this post, but my GOSH, girl! That pic is to die for! :-)

  4. I read your other post before this and I just had to say that you are not a monster. I hope you were exaggerating. Am I missing something though. You said surgery. Was that metaphorically?xo, J

    • Hi sweet lady Jayne. No. It was not a metaphor. I had to have a piece of my body surgically removed due to a medical emergency. One that plays a vital role in my hormone balance. So it’s been a challenge finding the balance now.

      • Ahh, I see. Forget “balance”. It’s a myth in everything but actual weights and coordination. These other things in life – Juggling is the way. xo, J

          • Beware though: alcohol is a strong depressant at the end of the day. Its immediate effect can be to bring some cheer, but the after effects can be worse than what you were trying to fight. So use with care :-/
            And sorry about the surgery. And even more so about finding the right balance. But if it is what I’m thinking about, luckily you can fine tune levels and then should be fine most of the time… It just takes a while to fine tune the dosage :-/
            Good luck!

            • So if I use alcohol I just need to be sure I’m asleep before the downer part kicks in? : ) Working on the fine tuning. Finding a balance that doesn’t leave me ravenous is the issue right now. grrrr!

              • I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. If you drink, you have to be aware that the after effect will happen. I think the more you drink the longer and more pronounced the downer effect. And if you drink regularly, your body gets used to a certain level of alcohol every day and you’l need more to get the same effect you did before. Well, it’s a drug like any other ;-)
                So I guess it’s everything in moderation. I don’t know exactly the details of the depressant effect, I have never drunk much in my life (not more than once or twice a month, a glass or two of wine or such). But I heard the depressant fact early on, told by an alcoholic in a psychiatric hospital. Considering my history with depression and the fear I had of becoming dependent, I steered clear of it since. So I didn’t need to do much research on it :-/
                Yes, finding the balance is always the difficult part!
                Good luck with that :-)

                • Thankfully I’m not down very often. And I also don’t have an addictive personality. Way to much of a control freak for that. I’ll go for weeks… sometimes months without drinking because it just doesn’t sound good. And then there will be a string of several days in a row where I drink every night. But I will be aware if several days turns into several weeks. :)

  5. It’s snowing on your chest right now. ;) I love it! A really stunning shot Marian! Thank you Kayla for the suggestion.

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better than yesterday and I hope each day gets better and better. OH and I’m in AZ, just sayin… :)

  6. As is so often the case, I’m late to the party. I did want to say 2 things, though. 1) I sure hope you are feeling better, and 2) My! My! My! I’m a bit out of breath here


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