The Kind Of Sex I Need

I was driving to the bank when it hit me. An over powering urge for sex. But not just any sex. No… run-of-the-mill sex won’t do today.

I need mouth on my clit, fingers in my channel, can-hardly-get-air sex.

I need arms pinned above my head, legs on shoulders, balls slapping ass sex.

I need cock in my throat, moans in my ear, mouth on my breast sex.

I need bent over the bed, filled to the max, come until I can’t come anymore sex.

So here I am, at work, trying to complete ten different projects. But the majority of my brain is flashing dirty thoughts faster than a barking auctioneer. Maybe I can manage a finger in my panties on my drive home…

41 thoughts on “The Kind Of Sex I Need

  1. Hope you managed to get some relief!
    I know the feeling, though it’s never been that bad for me. And I’ve never had satisfying sex that wasn’t all that you mentioned above… I don’t know if that makes it run of the mill? ;-)

  2. This post is so empowering, honest and refreshing. We all have these moments and feeling the nee/urge to be sexually satisfied and consumed. They should have let you go home to get some afternoon delight. The work can always wait and might as well not work when the productivity isn’t ebbing. Love your blog :) …hugs

  3. Oh, i know this feeling. I wrote my own version of this a while ago. Definitely not run of the mill, and it’s just gotta be had. Now.

    • I think it’s the sense of urgency that really makes it stand out. I’m pretty in need most of the time. But I manage it. This was truly urgent feeling! Obviously you understand. :)

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