Benedict Cumberbatch Is My Soulmate (some fun on this cold Monday)

At least that what’s the quiz on Buzzfeed told me.

I suppose I do see the draw. The slightly arrogant British thing he has going on. And those lips… I’m sure he’s a good kisser. And he makes a tailored suit look like it was made to look. Simply perfect.

benedict 1

But when it comes to foreign actors, there are two others I much more drawn to, although they are quite different from each other.

The first is somewhat expected. Chris Hemsworth anyone? And not just because he looks like the demigod he plays in the Marvel comics films. But the accent, the eyes, the shoulders. And on top of all that… look how he dotes on his expecting wife. Ladies, just soak in the moment and enjoy.

Chris-Hemsworth-7 chris-hemsworth-L-9


What other non-American actor to I find myself conjuring on occasion? Eddie Redmayne. There is something so innocently boyish about him that makes me feel much older than him although we are the same age. That and his wide mouth were what made me sit up and take notice the first time I saw him. But it took more than that to draw me in. It may only be in my imagination, but in photographs and in film, there is a depth behind his eyes that speaks of an old soul. One that has been ’round many times and may (as I often feel mine is beginning to do) finally be remembering what it learned in the previous lives it was graced with. Or I could just be a sucker for freckles.

eddie 1 eddie-redmayne-5-things-facts-including-girlfriend-hannah-bagshawe-cover Eddie-Redmayne-demolitionvenom-34337917-500-667


See what buzzfeed has to say about your non-American actor type here:

12 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch Is My Soulmate (some fun on this cold Monday)

  1. I got: Ryan Gosling! lol
    “You are with a golden god! You appreciate a man that’s kind of reserved and quiet, and can say more with his sheer presence than anything else. You landed a dreamboat and are the envy of everyone else the world over.”

  2. Its funny, I have never fantasized on actors or celebrities. Don’t get me wrong, I like all of the men depicted here, I should say for mostly the same reasons as yo Marian. A man doting on his pregnant wife? Yes please. Freckles? Yum. And the old soul thing? Totally!
    But I never thought of a celebrity during my lonely moments. I need for men to feel accessible I guess, and I know these are never going to be accessible to me :-)

  3. Hmmm, interesting. The one I got, I didn’t even know him. I already forgot his name, should have saved it before responding. Interesting though, given all the rest of my selections how I got a blond haired blue-eyed gentlemen.

    Personally, not what I would have chosen, ever. You choices though, yes I can see that.

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