The Arrogant Jut of His Penis

I read that line in a Sandra Brown novel and wish I could claim it as my own. It jumped off the page at me. In six simple words she had accurately and deliberately described what a penis does.

In that moment I thought of Nathan’s penis. He is not large in build. Five foot eight with a runner’s body. So the first time I felt his erection pressed against me I was surprised. Not because he had one, but because he was larger than I expected.

Most mornings I wake to the jut of it against my ass, his salute to the day offered up for my pleasure. Arrogantly it defies our schedules, baiting me to indulge rather that make it to work on time.

Most mornings I do. “Get inside me,” I moan. And he does. Rocking me awake with the strong thrust of the arrogant jut of his penis.

24 thoughts on “The Arrogant Jut of His Penis

  1. Great descriptor. Sounds like mornings at our house, except that I have to watch my jutting if it’s my turn to make breakfast for the kids. Not a conversation I want to have ;)

  2. I love this post. Great writing!
    Simple yet efficient. I don’t know if it’s because it is more upbeat than the ones I’ve just read but I really love it. Thank you!

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