Using Sex to Cope with Grief

Nathan lost a parent this weekend. Suddenly. Unexpectedly.

The call came in the blackest part of the night. We had hours if there was to be a final goodbye. Bags were quickly packed. Work arrangements made. And off we drove into the dark towards rural America.

Dawn broke and the worry showed across his face. Half way there the phone call came. There was no need to rush any longer.

Trembling, with tears pouring he kept driving. “Pull over,” I whispered. He did. I held him against me and we wept. The utter sense of helplessness and loss was overwhelming. I couldn’t fix it. There was nothing we could do.

We are retracing our steps back home now, after a weekend of family, funeral planning, and grieving. Two-lane roads cut through farmland; the sun warms earth. There aren’t as many tears today. Those will come again later. For now there is just calm. And sadness.

I was surprised to feel Nathan’s hand on my inner thigh as we cruised along. Instinctively I spread my legs. The fingers of his right hand went higher while the left one stayed on the steering wheel.

“You’re wet,” he said.

“Mmmhmm. A little bit.”

His fingers moved my panties aside and began teasing my pearl. I could see his cock beginning to strain against his shorts. I cupped his hardness in my hand and moaned. Faster and faster went his strumming fingers. Until I came in the passenger seat.

I looked into his eyes and smiled. Still hungry.

“You aren’t done are you?” he asked.

“I don’t have to be,” I said eying his crotch.

“You want me to fuck you,” he said.

I nodded. A few minutes later he turned his fancy car off the blacktop and onto a rutted dirt road. He drove far enough down it that we weren’t easily visible.

“Now what?” he asked.

I was already getting in the back seat and removing my panties out from under my skirt.

“Ohhh…” he quickly understood.

I knelt on the seat and watched as he unfastened his shorts and slid them down. My mouth sought out his erection. I lapped noisily as his middle finger delved into my channel.

I raised my head and kissed Nathan’s delicious mouth. Our tongues played as I shifted positions and straddled his lap. His hard, straight cock slid in easily and, gripping the head rest, I began rocking my hips against his.

My cries as I orgasmed filled the confined space. He came with me, moaning deeply.

I dismounted and took in the image before me. My man, sitting with his cock dripping with white cum, head leaned back, eyes closed, a content smile on his face.

For a little while the pleasure my body could offer him blocked the grief. For a little while he wasn’t mourning. For a little while…

35 thoughts on “Using Sex to Cope with Grief

  1. So sorry to hear of Nathans loss <3 Sex & intimacy are an understandable part of loss & grieving.. it's a sweet release & balm when our most inner parts are raw and sore. Glad you are there for him in spirit & body supporting him <3 ;)

  2. It happens. The ancestors drop off the twig. But that knowledge never helps with the hurt.

    I’m glad you were able to hug him and cry with him.

    (((sad hugs)))

  3. I’m a believer in body and soul. You need to use both for healing. Touch is so potent and important … And there is much passion in grief. Using positive forces like this shows the strength in your relationship. Stay strong and prayers for Nathan.

  4. Losing a parent suddenly like that is so hard (I lost my dad just over a year ago after he chocked on a fucking orange and died). It feels so senseless and sex is a great release for all those raw emotions.
    Hugs and prayers. I’m so sorry for you and Nathan’s loss.
    May you have much more hot sex as you grieve together. May some sense be found together with your bodies when nothing else makes sense.

  5. Big hugs to both Nathan and you. My thoughts are with you. Love and intimacy are such a wonderful salve for pain. While it pulled at my heart strings to hear such sad news, it didn’t compare to the way my heart reacted to the nurturing (nursing?) done at the end of your post. Love to you both.

  6. Losing my father-in-law March 11 has left my family devastated.
    We all deal with loss in our own way; I can understand why one would wish to replace grief with pleasure.
    All the best to you and Nathan.

  7. I am so sorry. I better understand the next post now.
    I’m going backwards, trying to catch up.
    My heart feels for you both. I am glad that you managed to be there for one another. When grief struck me a few years ago, I got no support and nothing but judgement on my then husband part. When it struck again last Spring, I again got only aggravation from my then ex. Thankfully I had support from G at the time, even though it would have helped to have someone there to hold my hand, it was still better than any of the grieving I had to go through while I was still married.
    I am sure it means a lot to Nathan that you are there for him like this.
    Hugs, even if they’re only coming late…

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