I Talk to Other Men

And I feel guilty. Which is unusual for me. Especially when I realize why I feel guilty.
You see. I’ve been neglecting them. The others. All of them. Even the most special. Because I’ve been focused completely on Nathan. Nathan who knows nothing about the others.
So how twisted am I… That I’m being more faithful than I can ever remember being and I feel guilty about it.

12 thoughts on “I Talk to Other Men

  1. You can only be the woman that you want to be. You have that right to do as you want. Just be happy with every decision that you make.

  2. Don’t feel guilty about chasing what makes you happy, if they are truly friends they’ll still be around for you, if they’re not, well the world if full of guys ;-)

  3. Pfff… I’m writing a post and looking at the blogs I follow and realising that WP dropped you!
    Urmpf. I am ambivalent: I’m angry at WP for dropping more than one blog on me lately.
    And I feel guilty because I didn’t notice before!
    See, we all feel guilty about one thing or the other! Well, yours seems slightly more important than mine. And I think there is no need for guilt. Unless it’s your heart telling you something…
    Good luck figuring that one out. But as plantpage and the Hook so justly pointed out: you should not regret the decisions you make. That’s the way to happiness…

  4. Cure for neglect: copious amounts of skin to skin contact, a drizzle of sweat, dash of ass, all mixed together and allowed to erupt together…..repeatedly. Do this until well :)

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