F*uck Normal

Nathan said this to me tonight.


So in short… I won’t be having sex with him. Ever. Because I am
NOT normal.

And I’m pissed.

And that is dangerous.

I hope his right palm is nice and soft. But my tight sweet pussy is much softer. His loss.

15 thoughts on “F*uck Normal

  1. Hugs!
    You are obviously 100% normal already. If we go by the Marina Green norm :-)
    And why should you go by any other norm?
    I’m sorry he said this and I’m sorry you feel so bad about it.
    More hugs!

  2. That is just NOT enough of the story to even know if you’re serious or he’s unstable or one or both of you are drunk because that leaves WAY too much to the imagination – well, my imagination at least. xo

  3. What the fuck,,, *hugs* don’t ever stop being you, not that I expect you to,,you’re a perfectly fine person as you are *hugs*

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