He Said He Wouldn’t Bite

I’m attracted to someone I’m working with. Again. The good news is that he doesn’t work for my company. The bad news is that he is a client, devastatingly handsome, witty and charming. And married. He is off limits. Completely.

And I’m in a committed relationship with Nathan so… there’s that wrinkle too.

So I find myself in the awkward position of having a school girl crush while attempting to put forth as professional of a front as I can muster. Do you know how hard it is to maintain a professional front when most of the communication is done (Often late at night!) via text? And did I mention how charming he is? Ahhh!!!! Continue reading

I Feel Like Posting Selfies. The kind I wouldn’t dare share in the “real” world. 

Share my story the prompt says. Well. Today I’ve been run through the proverbial ringer and I came straight home, stripped off all my clothes and jewelry, poured a cold glass of white wine and ran a luke warm bath. I spent the next hour soaking and sipping. Letting the water do its magic. So why do I want to do something risky like include the photos I just snapped? Validation? Attention? Two likely causes. I’m open to your conclusions. 

And big hugs to all of you who still come by and read even though I’m so irregular. Thank you. From my heart. 

Enjoy the pictures after the jump. 

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Mississippi Trees

The trees in Mississippi grow wide and tall, flanking the road like old, obese soldiers. Upon their branches they drape the prize of their lady, her silver green hair hanging in matted tendrils, catching the softest breeze. 

The sky loses importance in Mississippi. It’s there, but nothing more than a background for all the glorious green that floods the earth. Stand still too long in that southern state and the green will engulf you. 

Good thing I like green.