Mississippi Trees

The trees in Mississippi grow wide and tall, flanking the road like old, obese soldiers. Upon their branches they drape the prize of their lady, her silver green hair hanging in matted tendrils, catching the softest breeze. 

The sky loses importance in Mississippi. It’s there, but nothing more than a background for all the glorious green that floods the earth. Stand still too long in that southern state and the green will engulf you. 

Good thing I like green. 


21 thoughts on “Mississippi Trees

      • Yes, I guess to some people, Mississippi is a strange place, what with all its ‘Ss’ and ‘Is’ and ‘Ps” :-)
        Right, joke aside, hope you find a more comfortable place for yourself to be, both outwardly and inwardly.

        • I still remember the ditty I was taught on how to spell it. M-i-double S – i – double S – i – pp – i. :)

          And the place I’ve been has been comfortable. Which has been the strange part. If that makes sense at all.


          • I know, my kids were taught the same thing. I don’t know if they remember it, but I do ;-)
            Well, I’m glad that you’ve been in a comfortable place then. And yes, it makes total sense :-)

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