Goodbye – The Australian: Chapter 16

Ian drove us to the airport the next morning, a heavy silence filling the car. I felt like a shell of the woman I had been when I had flown across the country just two days prior. The hopelessness was a bleak darkness, a pit with no end.

Back home, I just went through the motions. Routine and responsibilities kept me from spending day after day in bed. Ian wasn’t able to completely cut off contact. But the few notes I received via email were short, and unsatisfying.

And then I began to write.

“You’ll write our story,” Ian had said to me. “You’ll keep us alive with your words.”

“I will,” I promised.

“And when you do, and you’re a famous published author, I’ll come to your book signing,” he said with a sad smile.

Reliving the beauty of our meeting was heartwrenching. But I did it. And then, as I felt my way through the darkness, I wrote about my feelings. And heartbreak. The words sat in a hidden file on my laptop. It felt wrong, leaving them there. Even if my heart couldn’t be free, my words should be able to be, I thought.

So I started a blog. Yes. The one you’re reading now. Creative Noodling was born of heartbreak.


8 thoughts on “Goodbye – The Australian: Chapter 16

    • I don’t think he did. I certainly never showed him this space. And was far to humble to have considered himself anyone’s muse. Perhaps that is why he was such a good one.

  1. Well, I read the last part before this one. I’m glad you managed to finish the story, and started to write here. By doing so, I’m sure you helped many (I’m one of them).
    Sending hugs.

      • Your writing is beautiful and helped me sort my thoughts more than once. Also showed me what proper writing looks like, something to aim for ;-)
        And you’re very welcome. If writing this comment could help forget the pain, even if for an instant, then it was worth writing too.

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