Sometimes I do things backwards

I’m approaching a birthday that puts me very close to the mid 30 mark. And I think I’m regressing. Doing things backwards. You see, I came home from work today, took off my jeans, my black top, and my bra. I tossed on a tee (no bra) and some basketball shorts. I petted the cat. I snacked. I poured myself a glass of red wine. I began watching How I Met Your Mother (season 1). 

Now, I’m down an entire bottle of red wine. And some pop corn. And 9 episodes of HIMYM season 1. WTH???? I’m not f*ing 28?!??!?  

Yet I’m acting like it. 

But damn.  The buzz feels good. Like a warm hug from large muscular arms. Like legs that resemble tree trunks gripping my waist. Like… No… Not quite that good. But the buzz makes me long for it. Want it. Crave it. 

So let’s drink to the buzz. 

24 thoughts on “Sometimes I do things backwards

  1. That rings a distinct bell with me. Stumbling on a box set, sometimes so mundane I’m too embarrassed to mention its name here, and close to a bottle of the good stuff, I too can relapse into the most gentle and enjoyable of moods where even pot plants and bric a brac can smile at me and share my comments on the rubbish I’m so enjoying. I’m glad to know I am not alone

  2. Here’s to getting lost in, and enjoying, the simple things in life like a good bottle of wine and an entertaining show. Don’t fight or second guess it, just enjoy. Salut!

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