I’m Worried About a Reader

It is no secret that WordPress is all about community. That is one of the reasons we love it so much. But because of the nature of this digital world and the anonymous style many of us have, when one goes silent it’s difficult to know why. 

Did the person just get busy, need some space, or… something worse. 

So my friends, I’m worried about someone. And I’m sure I’ll be embarrassing the snot out of him for posting this, but I’m risking that because he is such a kind soul. He is a familiar commenter on many of our blogs even though he, himself chooses to not blog. So Nick, if you’re reading this, let a girl know you’re alive, ok? 

And if anyone else out there has news, I would be thankful if you’d let me know. 

Love and hugs to you all,


14 thoughts on “I’m Worried About a Reader

  1. I agree, it’s difficult to know what happens if something really happens to one of us. How will the community know about it? I’ve wondered a few times.
    As for Nick, I’ve read him on Cara’s latest post, and Anisa’s blog as well since the birth of her baby.
    He did go more silent, but he is still here, his sense of humour intact it seems… :-)
    Here’s to hoping we’ll see more of him soon :-)

      • I know, there are a few people I’ve been missing too. Most of my early followers sort of disappeared. Yet I do understand too. Life goes on, with its ups and downs. We move on, we reach a different phase in life… so many reasons to disappear from the virtual community.
        However, I am worried about you now, having read your last comment.
        I’m sending you loving hugs. You can always reach out to me to break the silence if you need to :-)

  2. Hi Marian, I saw he commented on Cara’s last post. I noticed because I hadn’t seen his name in a while but I figured it was because I hadn’t been traveling around much myself.

  3. That has happened with me on occasion and, if they’ve commented on my Blog, I will get their email address and then write to them asking if everything is OK. Sometimes they write back and say either yes, or no, in which case we establish a bot of a dialogue, ( never long-lasting but reassuring ) and sometimes I hear nothing back in which case I say to myself “I’ve had a go” and anything more would be a bit like stalking.

  4. I am very pleased to say that reports of my demise are exaggerated.

    I am flattered by all the people that have left comments here and by those that contacted me privately to tell me of Noodle’s concerns.

    I promise not to keep quite such a low, to the point of invisibility, profile in future.

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