A Letter to One Far Away

Dear you,

Is there anything quite as old fashioned as a pen and paper letter? As I thought about writing you I considered purchasing some fine stationary that would be more fitting of this traditional method of communication. But as you can see, I didn’t. A humble lined legal pas will have to suffice for now.

So what does one talk about in a pen and paper letter. I confess, I’m so accustomed to the instant feedback of a modern age that it feels odd. There’s a level of trust to this. I have to trust that you’ll understand my meaning because it will be weeks before you could ask and I then respond. I suppose it’s more like pouring out a stream of thought with the knowledge of a willing audience waiting at the other end. 

I do have news. I quit my job. That’s what is the most exciting lately. I’ll still consult some, but I’ve entered a new field. It’s exciting. The two people I work for are passionate, driven and brilliant. And they’ve bestowed upon me freedom. Freedom to come and go as I please. Freedom from supervising people. Freedom from the chains of a desk.

This is all I have time for at the moment. I’ll go buy a stamp and stick it on envelope I licked myself and send this to you.

And just maybe I’ll hear back.



I met someone a while back. Someone who intrigues me. Electronic communication isn’t an option. But he asked me to write. And yes, I’m still with Nathan. But I’m writing this man. This is the first one. Now I just have to see if he writes back… 

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