Talking in Circles

I parked on the street where Kevin had instructed and texted him that I had arrived. “I’m coming down,” he quickly wrote back.

I got out of my car and my phone rang. It was him.

“Turn around,” he said. I did. And I saw him walking to meet me.

He greeted me with a tight hug.

“You’re really here,” he said, smiling and taking my hand. “Come on up.”

I followed him up three flights of open air stairs, the city night swirling around us. Once at his door, he opened it and motioned for me to go in. Inside it was clean, modern and quiet. But it also felt a little bare. Like someone who kept their belongings to a minimum because it makes packing easier.

He gave me the 20 second tour, watching my reaction. It was underwhelming but the condo wasn’t why I was there. As he stood against the corner that separated the living room from the kitchen I walked up and placed my arms around his shoulders. His mouth found mine.

It was a deep kiss. An uninhibited kiss. A passionate kiss. A long lasting kiss.

He moaned deeply, grabbing my hips and pulling me tight against him. His hand snaked up the back of my shirt, skin on skin. My nails grazed his back.

“Come upstairs and lie down,” he said thickly.

He followed me up the narrow staircase, hands exploring the curve of my ass as we ascended. We stood in the room, kissing, ignoring the bed. He pulled down my v-neck shirt and kissed the top of my breast. I lifted one up and out so he could find purchase on my nipple.

“I want to see,” he said, “I’ve wanted to see for so long.”

I slowly pulled my shirt off my head, removed my bra and stood still wearing red high heels, a black pencil skirt and nothing else.

“Well?” I said, watching him watch me.


We tumbled onto the bed together, a tangle of hands and tongues. I didn’t stop him until his hand reached for my panties.

“No,” I said. “I didn’t plan this. I need to shower. I’m not shaved. When we do this I want to be ready.”

He stopped immediately.

“I don’t want you to have any regrets tomorrow,” he said quietly.

You see, he knows about Nathan. He knows I have no intention of leaving Nathan. He knows that being with him would be crossing a line. What he doesn’t know is my nature. I think he sees hints of it. It draws him in like moth to proverbial flame. But because I’ve been very careful over the years to keep that masked, he isn’t sure. Until now. My layers are still up. The curtains drawn. But he knows there is more to me. Just not how much more.

“No regrets,” I said with a secret smile.

“This will be crossing a line for you,” he said.

“Yes, I’m aware of that.”

“Let’s go back downstairs,” he said, “You’re too tempting like this.”

I put my shirt back on and we headed downstairs. I curled up next to him on his sofa and we talked of safer subjects until he asked a pointed question.

“Why me?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I like you. I always have.”

“Yeah, but why me? I’m nothing to look at. I’m unsuccessful.”

“What do you mean? You have always inspired me! You win awards in your field. You’re brilliant. And you are something to look at. I like looking at you.”

“Do you know how many times I’ve been passed over for a director position?”

“No. But have you applied?”

“Often. But that isn’t all. You really hardly know me. I didn’t get here,” he said with a sweeping hand motioning to the plain room, “by making good decisions.”

“So let me in,” I said.

“How would this even work?” he asked, standing up, putting some space between us.

I shrugged.

“This couldn’t work long term,” he said, rubbing his brow.

I didn’t respond. I just sat still, looking up at him.

“Well, maybe it could. But what if I met someone too? You couldn’t expect me to not date.”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course I wouldn’t expect that. Good grief. If you met someone, I would be very happy for you! You’ve been alone a long time, so it would be wonderful.”

“I probably wouldn’t though,” he said.

For the second time I simply looked into his eyes as my response, a half smile on my lips.

“Damn,” he whispered, “I could make love to you.”


13 thoughts on “Talking in Circles

  1. This reminds me of two relationships I’ve had – one of them turned into my marriage now. It took me back.
    I liked the simplicity and straightforward manner of writing, it made the people easy to connect with.

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