31 thoughts on “A Question for the Men

  1. It would depend on the relationship? First time meeting? … a little embarrassing. Am I being too forward. If we’ve met several times, then heavenly

  2. It’s a lovely feeling. Yes, it’s a kind of public intimacy, and I can tell the difference when she’s just giving me a hug and when she presses a fraction closer and shares the girls with me for a second. It’s a nice gesture, a kind of validation at a primal level, like a compliment. I don’t take it as more than that, unless it happens again, or she sends some other signals. It is just something that communicates something private, pleasant and friendly.

  3. It’s a sweet moment. For us guys who love breasts (and I would assume that’s all guys, even the gay ones), it’s lovely to feel them. Even through clothes. Even when we know absolutely nothing more than a hug will come out of the relationship. It’s still a moment to enjoy.

  4. I usually try to respect boundaries and give a polite, gentle hug, but I find many women come in and give a good, strong hug that brings them in close as you are describing. It’s always a surprise for me! Feels good, but I’m shy.

    • I bet you are lots of fun after a couple of glasses. :) there have times when I’ve held out one arm to cue a sideways hug just to see if the man would come in for full frontal without me initiating it. I always smile at the brazen ones.

  5. I’m not really the hugger type so when a woman initiates the hug, I tended to pull back or at least have that awkward stiffness. When my son’s mother-in-law who is very attractive pulled me in for a hug and she smashed her big fake breasts into me for the first time, I was all smiles. Now I never turn her hugs down. Come to think of it, I have several co-workers who give great hugs. I think women just know we guys love it.

  6. I once moved from one city to another and a friend of my partner was taking a box of books that we didn’t want to take with us. I always found her attractive but our greetings had always been polite. On this day, I carried the box to her car, and since this would be the last time we would see each other for some time, we hugged goodbye. This time, she really came in close, pressed herself to me, and held me close for some time. Now THAT had my mind racing!

  7. My first time in eighth grade caused an instant erection that was embarrassing. Now I know the strength of the hug signals the woman my affection for her. So many comment on how wonderful a hugger I am. With my lover she likes her bosom crushed regardless of clothes. We enjoy such intimacy when I hold her in body hug that crushes both her breasts and when she rolls to the other side she wants my hands on each breast and then squeezes my hands with her arm. After all these years I have learned to appreciate a woman and excite them at the same time with a good hug.

  8. It’s like a secret that no one wants to tell. You’re excited and joyful to know the feeling inside of knowing, and hoping she knows, but don’t want to say a word for fear of ruining the moment – or preventing another from happening.

    • Yes. A secret. That’s what it feels like for me too. And I’m wondering… Did he mean to press that hard against me? And if he did… Did he enjoy it? Of course… That’s why I asked the question. Thank you for answering!

  9. I’m gone for a few days at a time and when I get home my wife always comes out to meet me with a hug and kiss when I get home. The hug is so exciting, I can always tell that she is arroused by the way she pulls herself against me. I can tell she aching to be touched and made love to. Sometimes if its late and dark outside and she just has an old t-shirt on and no bra and (pretty sure the neighbors are not watching) she’ll pull her shirt uo just before reaching me on the side walk so I can reach for her breast and pull her close, hug her tight and kiss passionately. The a passionate tight hugs she gives me lets me know she missed me, desires me and is aching for me to touch her. It’s like exciting foreplay when she hugs me tightly. She trys to do something a little different each time I get home just like she does during intimate foreplay. (Sometimes I think the neighbors run to the window when they hear me pull up) but, its okay! She truly lets me know she loves me by the way she gives herself to me with a passionate hug!

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