I’m packing a carry-on bag for an upcoming trip  and realized that I am taking more bras than shoes. 

The plunge black one for the low cut cocktail dress. The nude one for under my casual white tee shirt. The black and violet lace bra for the square necklined dress. The white strapless one for the strapless sundress. And finally the sports bra for the yoga class I plan to attend. 

That’s five bras. FIVE! For a three day trip! 

And for those wondering… I’m only taking three pairs of shoes. 


18 thoughts on “Packing 

  1. So glad I’m not the only one. My DH never understands the concept of the proper bra for each top/dress/or outfit.

  2. I feel like I’ve just taken a breath of fresh air. My goodness I miss reading your blog. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see a semi-recent post! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your trip.

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