Feels Like A First Date

When I last left you I was sipping a drink waiting on an old friend from high school to arrive for an evening of catching up. Would you like me to paint you a picture? I need to. I’ve been burying myself in work for ages. Even now I have windows open that are explaining some new social media tips and tricks that I can use to get my business to the next level. But that’s not why you’re here reading… 

The chef-centric eatery had a rustic feel to it, but was sophisticated at the same time. He chose it. That surprised me. I didn’t expect him to plan, much less choose a place so in line with my own tastes.

“Can I wear leather flip flops with a light sport jacket? You’re way more in tune to all this fashion stuff,” he texted.

“Well, are you wearing shorts or jeans?” I texted back with a smile (not that it mattered).


“Then yes. Your leather flip flops will be just fine,” I assured him.

“How much longer until you arrive?” he asked.

“I’m here.”

“Oh shoot! Give me five minutes! I’ll be right there. And I’m all giddy about getting to see you. Fair warning,” he texted.

Do you, wonderful reader, see what he managed to do? He showed me he cares enough to plan ahead and choose a perfect place for dinner, and then is confident enough to candidly admit to feeling giddy.

True to his word he strolled through the doors five minutes later. He looked the same. Except for being a full foot taller. His face lit up as our eyes met and he greeted me with a long, tight hug. For a few moments we just stared at each other with massive grins on our faces and marveled at the irony that, after almost 20 years, we were once again living in the same town, albeit one that is hundreds of miles from where we went to high school.

Drinks in hand we sat down to savor the long, leisurely process of covering the 20 year gap. It was feeling like a perfect first date, except, I’m not available for dating, I reminded myself.


10 thoughts on “Feels Like A First Date

  1. Well… catch up on the past 20 years, enjoy the moment… and see where it leads. If you have to remind yourself you’re not available for dating, then maybe you are? Maybe your relationship isn’t satisfying all your needs?
    Whatever you choose to do, be at peace with it, and enjoy your life!

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