Meeting a Blogger

Technically this page should be titled “Meeting Two Bloggers”, something you’ll understand if you read the entire series. When the suggestion to break the fourth wall was made, I didn’t expect the passion that has followed. Some of these are written in tandem with the blogger I met, a new and excited experience that I believe adds layers of texture to the story that otherwise would be missing. I hope you enjoy the tale as much as I’ve enjoyed living it.

1. Flying In

2. Meeting

3. Sex and Intimacy 

4. Please Get the Lube

5. Meeting My Enigma

6. Looking Up

7. Waiting for Me

8. The Last Part

3 thoughts on “Meeting a Blogger

  1. I read this whole series and *loved* it Marian, thanks for sharing. I think you’re a lucky girl, but then I suppose you have waited a long time for something and someone this special. You deserve it. xo

    • Hullo CR. :) thank you so much for the kind words. I’m a bit pragmatic when it comes to thinking about myself deserving anything. I do know I’m a very fortunate woman in regards to this. :) hugs and thank you again for taking the time to leave a comment.

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