Short Sexy Stuff

Sometimes you just need a quickie! Well, for your reading pleasure (at least I hope it will be good for you… it was good for me) I’ll be keeping archives of my short, sexier posts here. Think of them as a nooner with out the mess and change of tie. Safe for work? Sure… as long as no one looks directly over your shoulder.

Rainy Mornings and Blowjobs
A Wanton State of Mind
I Didn’t Want to Wake Up
The Time I Borrowed My Grandmother’s Vibrator
I Just Want to Lay Here and Touch Myself
Special Coffee
Sometimes I’m Demanding

Massage Highlights
Never Ever Have I Had Sex in a…
How to Treat Cocks Lightly
Sexual Premonition 
My Massage Therapist Got an Intimate View
How to Prepare for an Important Business Meeting
A Perfect Morning Quickie
Tantric Massage
The Gentle Dominatrix
Sex. Standing Up in a Doorway
Four Men in One Day
Velvet Night
I Had a Dream Last Night

Orgasming at My Desk
So I Have This Pirate Fantasy
THE MEN On Coming 
I Lost My Spanking Virginity
She Whispers

If You’ll Walk Outside I’ll Kiss You
Tans Lines and Summer Beer
The Bath
Where Did I Get That Scar?
I’m Drinking Jack Daniel’s
We Are Fire
Morning Sex
I’m Turning Down Sex Left and Right
The Setting
THE MEN On Having Their Cocks Stroked
Skinny Dipping
A Poet’s Response:
Don’t read unless you want to be filled will longing and desire.
That Time of Day: My breasts have a lot to say.
I Think I Might Be Vanilla: You decide.
Advice: Do this. This way. Please.
My Gypsy Dream: I go visiting!
Customer Service: I tease the help desk.
You Come Like a Man: And no complaints were filed.
Quotes I Live By
Love Notes: This one has a picture. : )
Tell Me Why: Tell me…
Drinking Her In: A guest post.
The MEN on Seeing a Naked Woman: Compilation of sexy, moving answers from men.
If: Me being naughty
Watch Me: I seem to have exhibitionist tendencies.
Men, I Need Your Help
Mr. Intrigue Makes Me Shut My Door
Wanton Me
Signs You Might be a Satyr
My First Time: Yes… THAT type of first time.
Foreplay: One run-on sentence of lust.
Between My Breasts: Yep. That’s where I want you.
Memorizing Imaginings: Distance is an issue
Best Cars to Have Sex In: In my opinion anyway
Come to Me: I want you, badly.
That Funny Feeling: Is a mass text for sex a good idea?
Well He Asked: How one blogger’s writing makes me feel.
The Art of Cock Worship: Yeah. It deserves respect.
You Show Up Everywhere: Oh the trouble I get in trying to keep one man out of my head.
Sex on a Wooden Dock: This title says it all.
Naked Truth: A question and answer session on nakedness.
29 Sexy Questions: Sex at work? Naughty pics? The answers are here.
Releaser Needed: What happens when I get stressed.
Signs You Might Be A Nymph: One of my personal favorites. It’s just fun!
On Saturday Mornings I Touch Myself: Yeah… maybe a little TMI.
Sex or Chocolate: I don’t usually have to pick just one… But if I did…
In Praise of Broad Shoulders: They do me in.
The Cleansing: In which we meet Jenna. I think I like her.
Metronome Walking: More with Jenna. Not super sexy… but until she gives me more she doesn’t get a page of her own.

7 thoughts on “Short Sexy Stuff

  1. on a page like this, there’s no such thing as tmi. if anyone is going to claim “tmi,” then they shouldn’t be here in the first place.

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