He Said He Wouldn’t Bite

I’m attracted to someone I’m working with. Again. The good news is that he doesn’t work for my company. The bad news is that he is a client, devastatingly handsome, witty and charming. And married. He is off limits. Completely.

And I’m in a committed relationship with Nathan so… there’s that wrinkle too.

So I find myself in the awkward position of having a school girl crush while attempting to put forth as professional of a front as I can muster. Do you know how hard it is to maintain a professional front when most of the communication is done (Often late at night!) via text? And did I mention how charming he is? Ahhh!!!! Continue reading

Wing-girl Practice

I’m perched on the edge of my tub wearing nothing but pink panties and a white spaghetti-strap camisole deciding what I’m going to wear tonight. As you may know because she shared the news earlier today, I’m going Hyacinth’s Haven for a visit. But before I bike, fly, drive, or boat her way I intend to make sure my flirting skills are at acceptable levels. Why? Because while the visit is all about us spending time together, we’ll probably find ourself out and about among men. Because that’s part of who we are. I for one adore men. But I’m rambling. Believe it or not I haven’t been out alone for the pure intent of getting male attention in several (yes several!) months. And I don’t intend to be anything less than the ULTIMATE wing-girl for Miss Hy. Hence the evening of practice.

So what is a wing-girl? She’s your partner in crime. She doesn’t steal your lime light. She enhances your game. She tells you the truth about your outfits and takes your advice about her’s willingly. She may guard the bathroom door while a guy gives you head. She may warn you that the guy you think is so hot is actually giving off some major weirdo vibes. She flirts like a demon or angel or not at all depending on y’all’s combined mood. She is never ever EVER your competition. But most of all she’s your friend.

So I’m off to brush up on my angel or demon flirting techniques. Cause with Hy, I think I’m good on all the rest.

Cheers my sweet lovely dears!!!!

Smoke and Mirrors

“You fall in love too easily,” he said.

I jerked my palm away involuntarily.

“Where? Where do you see that?” I asked.

The reader handed me his magnifying glass and I squinted in the dim light to see where he pointed.

“There,” he said, “Your heart line ends in a deep groove between your first and middle fingers. That’s a sure sign of one who loves being in love. Perhaps a bit too much.”

He gave me a knowing glance and took back the magnifier. Continue reading