The Australian

When I originally started this page I wrote, “This man is the reason I started a blog. It’s a beautiful story, one I still need to finish, and perhaps finally cataloging it like this will prompt me to do so.”

Well, I finished it. And I’m proud of what I wrote, that I kept my word and wrote our story. If you’re going to read anything I’ve written, read this. If you dare.

1. Gin and Fate

2. White Gardens

3. Shot O’er the Bow

4. Would Your Wife Please Demonstrate?

5. Plaid or French Blue?

6. Homing

7. Unbuttoning and Unbuckling

8. Taken

9. And the World Fell Away

10. There Is No Light

11. Undiluted Cocaine 

12. Lies and Alibis

13: Daydreams and Bouquets 

14: Taking Flight

15: Stolen Hours

16: Goodbye

17: The End

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